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Hows the drought?
(08-20-2018, 01:27 AM)CatBirdNLI Wrote: Now that I am not at the end of a $6 bottle of wine...  Drinks    Facepalm

It's the shits, we are pretty sheltered where we are as we and most of our neighbours do silage as well as hay,
but get out and about and it's really bad, (very much a thing when drought is bad, people stick to their farm/themselves)

we ending up taking on some of someone's cattle (someone that NEEDS it), this guy was in a really bad way he literally had to call a truck as soon as we worked something out and the cattle will get here tonight.  They don't have far to come so fingers crossed everyone is upright when they get here and will have full bellies by the morning.
He seemed okay but his girl was in tears the whole time she has her "pets" and had to say goodbye to them all, poor people.

They are talking some chance of rain come thursday, friday, sat.  (we are currently getting blasted by what I not so affectionally call "the suicide winds" which as horrible as they are could be a good thing as it has in the past blown like this and then useful rain followed)  This fk'ing wind will sand blast all the failed wheat flat into the ground ..... *sigh* someone hide the internet modem  Drinks

Got my fingers crossed you get some rain out your way soon CatBird and then enough rain that things don't just germinate and die. It always rains after the drought and good on you for agisting some stock at your place for someone who really needs the help.
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