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Hillary is coming after your pension.
Tonight will be Clinton's "epic" acceptance speech.

If it's similar to her previous speeches she will undoubtedly expound on her brave new idea (stolen from Obama) of establishing an "Infrastructure Bank" that will magically pay for the rebuilding of the nation's infrastructure.  But what she won't mention is that money to finance it will in part be from "private pools of capital" including pension plans.  It sounds incredibly like the bail in plans proposed by the EU for failed countries. Think of it as sneaky Socialism.

Don't believe me?  Maybe Hillary's own policy statements will convince you.

Create a $25 billion national infrastructure bank — providing up to an additional $225 billion in federally supported investment for energy, water, broadband, transportation, and multi-modal infrastructure projects. Clinton is not only committed to substantially increasing federal funding for infrastructure investment. She will also work alongside state and local governments to help unlock private pools of capital—including pension funds—to complement public investment in America’s infrastructure.

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guess we will have to wait and see what lies she spews this evening..
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