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Heads Up Texas
This may be nothing but...

Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring Casualty Role Players (CRP) to participate in a National Guard Bureau disaster and emergency response training exercise taking place Dec 3-7, 2019, near Round Rock, TX

CRP / Actors will assist in providing training aimed at purposefully strengthening security and resilience through systematic preparation for threats that pose the greatest risk to the security of the nation. Emergency responders will exercise search and rescue, medical trauma treatment and first aid application in order to expand and strengthen communication, coordination and integration. As such, CRPs will be moulaged (application of injury makeup and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional injuries and conditions, before going through simulated medical triage and decontamination processes multiple times during the exercise.

When life knocks you flat on your face roll over and look at the stars.
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Uh oh.... Hiding3
Just smile.
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Good one Sippy.

This is all eyes open.
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@Lobster Boy, you should sign up and infiltrate, get us the full workings.
Lily  likes this!
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