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harnessing a thunderstorm in your own home
This Interactive Cloud Lamp Will Bring A Thunderstorm Into Your Living Room

Thunderstorms are truly incredible, the sound of them slightly frightening but exciting at the same time. When I hear the roar of thunder, I always look up at the sky in search of the lightening bolt sure to come. The only bad thing about thunderstorms is that they don’t ‘storm’ in on command.
I’m an optimist, but I have to admit, thunderstorms tend to downpour on the day you have an outdoor party planned, as opposed to that perfect Sunday afternoon when you have nothing to do but stay in bed, cuddled up close with a lover, kitty cat, or stuffed animal.

Thanks to artist and designer Richard Clarkson, you can now call for a thunderstorm whenever you desire one, all that you have to do is turn on the light fixture in your bedroom and BOOM, you have an indoor thunderstorm without any water damage!


looks like a great conversation piece

[Image: interactive-storm-cloud-lamp-speaker-ric...kson-1.gif]
[Image: tradizional-demo.regular.png]

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