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Happy Patriot's Day ~ Monday April 16th
And @Moon Rocks and @WhiteAngel,
I believe you have both made the

Potd Potd Hugs
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(04-17-2018, 09:51 AM)Verity Wrote: @Moon Rocks and @WhiteAngel Thank you so much for sharing
as you did. Very sobering and moving accounts. tears

You are so right @Moon Rocks about too many people having no
concept of how such evil ideologies have actually manifested in the
world. Really there’s no excuse for their ignorance (or denial as the
case may be) imho.

I know that our quite new immigrants from the former SSRs are
horrified at the antifa/communist agitation they see here. Perhaps they
could become more vocal against such idiocy, as there could be no finer
advocates (or truth tellers) against such despicable systems. I think
they are among our most valuable new citizens in this regard.

Thank you both again. These are such important stories, and they
need to be heard.  Heartflowers

I don't know know about Moon Rocks family but my husband's Jewish side (his mom's side is pure Irish) wouldn't speak out at all. They will talk about anything except politics or anything to do with government. His dad is a Dem but the old kind like Kennedy but still a Libbie. He doesn't understand the antifa/snowflake mentality - said everyone is losing their collective minds. Pretty much what everyone says that has a brain
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(04-17-2018, 09:55 AM)Verity Wrote: And @Moon Rocks and @WhiteAngel,
I believe you have both made the  

Potd  Potd Hugs

Thank you so much, you are such a dear. Hugs

"The angels are singing, and one of them is a fat lady."
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What is a patriotism, and then what is a patriot?
Out here on the perimeter, there are no stars. - Jim Morrison, The Doors.  
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