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Happy Birthday SassyFringette!!!
It's after midnight here so it's officially your birthday.  Heartflowers @SassyFringette

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends ever, I love you bunches!! Hugs Have a beautiful day!!

[Image: tZOfYRV.jpg]

[Image: qW4d8kq.jpg]
I am an evil giraffe, and I shall eat more leaves from this tree than perhaps I should, so that other giraffes may die.

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For the hangover...

[Image: 6008609290_226a57d257_b.jpg]

[Image: gGtzyJ7.gif]
[Image: xlU97B7.png][Image: ZiN4Vcd.png]
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Happy Birthday Sassy!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ya !!!!

Drinks Drinks Drinks
I Don't Die.

I walk my own path.
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[Image: 1347024292412_2597114.png]

Heartflowers  Cheers

[Image: 46347318ec471a1059f79256e26d925b.jpg]
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Happy B~Day SASSY.
[Image: ERV6PXM.gif]
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Oh Boy.... that is gonna be a Fun Day....

[Image: Oh-boy-syrup.jpg]

Knock it out....
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Yup, Happy Birthday Sassy Headspin Band2 Smiley58
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Happy Birthday Sassy m'love!  Heartflowers

[Image: FiMlB2A.gif]

[Image: QyEopH3.gif]

[Image: xO4m6if.gif]
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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy birthday. Hope it is fantastic. You are a hoot.
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