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Gotta love Don Jr..Don Jr. Triggers Whoopi After Recalling Her Defense of Child Rapist Roman Polanski
(11-07-2019, 09:18 PM)Cazzlo Wrote:
(11-07-2019, 09:11 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote: He's just making the rounds peddling his book.

I don't think they discussed his book at all. They just basically attacked him while he stayed based af and killed them while they lied. Joy pretended she didn't do blackface and Meghan, like Meghan always does, turned it into something or another about her father. The late great piece of shit that he was.. Rip John McShitstain


I call that show 'the Hen House' and can not watch it. But he has been on a lot the last few days to promote his book.
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I knew Caryn fresh off the Cold Turkey . No idea how She started on Needle Street , only that She was fresh off and Friends of Mine had decided to vouch for Her , setting up a Studio Apartment for Her to stay in a respectable neighborhood . Put up first / last and deposits . Filled the Fridge and Pantry . I helped spruce the place up .

She was just starting to develop a number of Characters that ended up in Her original One Woman Show , Moms Mabley . She took it back to the Street intending to keep out of Needles and BE somebody else . Had a lot of help getting there .

Then G-D told Her She needed a new Name to be a new Her . G-D Christened Her Whoopi Goldberg .

I was in the circles that helped Her get indoor gigs , rather than Busking w/o a Permit . She played all over San Diego County . Then , as Fate would have it :

She went to San Francisco to cover a spot on The Ghirardelli , and hold it for a Friend . Spielberg happened to see Her there and the rest is Hollywood History . She never looked back . And never said Thank You to the Folks that gave Her that first few months Legup .

I never really had any further interest in Her " Career " . Just noting that She Was .

So , that ' s the Rest of the Story from the House Electrics Guy at the Original Lyceum Theatre . An extended run that polished Her presentation and confidence . She was a Natural when in Character , but was Diamond in the Rough for so long .

Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist " - I Will Stand Corrected - No Legal Advice or Recommended Course of Action Expressed or Implied

The Constitution - Estate in Trust for the Heirs of Freedom - Local Link
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(11-07-2019, 08:51 PM)Wingsprint Wrote: Don jr went on The View this morning and it was epic!



"Wet Start" Johnny roast in hell you dirty fucking son of a bitch! And take your clam lapping bun headed P.O.S. spawn with you!

That's all I have to say other than NUKE the fucking "view".
Striving for greatness and a pinnacle of honor
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