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Got my solar kit installed.
[Image: FhMOJaX.jpg]

Have been powering my house with my Ford since mid-summer, no utility power since February.

Can't tolerare dunce meters, and my utility refused reasonable accomodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I'd sue for an analog meter, but can't find a lawyer willing to represent me.

The disability attorneys only handle "getting you on disability", not actual lawyering like this.


So anyhow, I've done solar before, and I did the same thing this time.

Around 2003, I moved to California for about 8 months, stayed with a cousin who was living off-grid.

He had a 150W solar kit(2 75W panels, charger, inverter, deep cycle battery) which he'd bough for $700, for Y2k.

He was a Y2Ktard. Still had buckets of food from Mountain House. Which he was mostly munching on as sprouts at that point.


The solar kit was still at his ex-girlfriends, and he had no power at the two cabins he was renting, but she was closing on a new house that already had solar, so I went ahead and wired our cabins.

I used the normal Edison hardware, and wired a couple outlets, a lightswitch, and a light fixture in each one, then joined them at an automotive type fuse box.

Then I cut the female end off an extension cord, and wired it to the battery on my dodge van with an inline fuse.

I hung the male end off the fuse box on the house, and used a whole cord to connect the van to the house.

Worked great.


So I bought two car stereos from salvage, and built cabinets for them, and soldered edison cords onto them.

And I bought 12V DC drop light edison bulbs, and screwed them into the light fixtures.

So we both had lights and tape decks.

This summer I did something similar but simpler:
Female cord on the Ford pickup.
Made a cord with two male ends
Disconnected the subpanel from the main panel in the house.
Bridged the "hots" on the subpanel.
Unscrewed and unplugged all the 120V lights and appliances.
Made edison plug 12V lights from auto bling light kits.  Chuckle
Gutted an old speaker cabinet and installed car stereo and speakers and edison cord.

With this setup I can plug the truck into ANY outlet in the house and have 12V at EVERY outlet in the house.

And I can UNDO it real fast.



When the solar system in California became available(when the girlfriend moved), I bought a steel box spring bed stand, cut it up and popriveted it together as a solar panel frame then installed that on the roof of one of the cabins, put the electronics underneath by the fuse box.

This time I welded a more decent one:

[Image: Tq9IrcY.jpg]

Then painted it with POR-15 silver primer and POR-15 gloss white top coat.

The solar kit is a Grape Solar 400W off-grid kit:


Was $1200 plus batteries
2x trojan T105 golf cart batteries($125 each plus core)
and some fuses and battery cables.(Another $30 or so)

100ft of 1 1/2" angle iron (1/8" thick) was about $70

Paint was probably another $70
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Woot woot..sounds fun to boot!

I powered my house from my Honda back around 2001ish for a month. It worked well..and I still.put another 200,000 Miles on it after that!
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That’s great , @Luvapottamus !!
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I'll post some more pics later when I have a little more time.

This is a temporary installation; I need to move away from the city because of EHS, but once I get relocated, I'd much rather spend $100-$150 a month buying another panel or another battery than pay it to utilities for toxic electricity.

At the new place I intend to wire the home 5 ways:


All DC, then set up all appliances DC.

It'll require extra wiring, and custom plugs to differentiate the voltages, but should be worthwhile for health.

Also, most appliances are wasteful because they actually operate on DC at the business end; but have transformers and rectifiers in order to convert the AC they can't use to the DC voltages they do use.

Both Edison and Tesla were right:
Tesla was correct that for long transmission lines AC is much more efficient.
Edison was correct that AC is more DEADLY than DC, but didn't completely understand why.

It's the transient voltages expressed as magnetic fields and RF radiation that is emitted from the wall wiring which is a giant antenna.

(As well as the heart-stopping and muscle-freezing qualities of AC if you experience a shock.)

1/4 of an amp @120V AC can stop the heart.

I can pick up a 700CCA car battery by the battery terminals and NOTHING happens.

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Are you doing this because fear of death by AC electricution? that's a bit odd.
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Excellent Luv Cheer
The world was not worthy for that which God sent to help it.  "The Lord preserves the souls of his saints" Septuagint Psalm 96 A man regaining his manhood is a miracle. Virtue is greater than any value that you can place upon it, integrity is essential in life. Every child has the potential to renew and rejuvenate creation with the heart of integrity. The freedom to love @awesome! Human life is worth more than Islam could ever be.
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Bad ass!

Where there's a will there's a way I guess.

That is a long time to go with no utilities... Bet you are stoked!

You are a tough mother. A stick to your guns survivor. Are you feeling better since the disconnect from the dunce meters... has it helped?
Think for yourself. The Left has spun a cocoon around themselves in a web of their own petty hatreds, jealousies, and fears #WALKAWAY
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(12-04-2017, 03:10 PM)friedrich Wrote: Are you doing this because fear of death by AC electricution?  that's a bit odd.


I have EHS, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome.

It started after a smart gas meter was installed next to my home office. Took about nine months before I got extremely sick, including peripheral edema, for which I was hospitalized twice.

I got Comptia A+ certified a few years ago, and was working on CISCO CCNA, because I was burned out working on cars.

In my home office I was refurbishing computers so I'd have some in stock to open a computer repair shop.

That's when the dunce meter made me sick. Before that I had lived near cell towers for about a decade and already had mild symptoms, tinnitus, lethargy, sleep disturbances, and sleep apnea.

People near cell masts usually start getting sick within 6 years.

But the dunce gas meter tipped me over the edge.

I'm so sensitive now I can HEAR the harmonics in the wall wiring where dunce meters are present, and I can "see" WIFI transmitters and electromagnetic fields. Usually only when I close my eyes, but sometimes with them open in low light conditions or when entering buildings.

My father and sister both have/had this condition, and it killed my dad.

I've been diagnosed by a board certified physician.

I sent cease and desist letter to the electric utility to demand they not put a smart meter on my home, but they refused, and cut off the padlock I had installed to prevent them doing it.

Then they padlocked it with their own padlock.

Which I cut off with a cutting torch.


The day they installed it. I cut their lock, removed the meter, set it on the ground, and called them to come get it.

Like I did with the gas meter when that utility refused to turn off the transmitter(they could have set it for "bubble up mode." And they refused to install an isolation union to electrically isolate it from my plumbing.

Under the ADA, EHS is listed as a "functional impairment."

In the presence of transmitters or fields I'm harmed.

Under the ADA, utilities and other public amenities are required to make a REASONABLE accommodation for my condition so I have equal access.

A reasonable accommodation from the gas company would be to set the meter to bubble up mode(so it only transmits when it gets a command to transmit from a hand held device from the meter reader. Instead of every 16 seconds 24/7. And they or I install an isolation union to protect my plumbing.

A reasonable accommodation from the electric utility would be to let me have an analog meter. And I can read it myself if they need me to once a month.

And mail in or call in the usage.

But they refuse to accommodate me.

In truth all these devices are toxic, are not UL listed, and aren't safe for anybody.

Close proximity to them causes my heartbeat to screw up.

I've had at least seven instances where I got too close to one for a few minutes and my heart went into arrhythmia, my pinky to middle finger on the left arm went numb all the way up to the shoulder, and it took 3-5 days afterwards to feel okay again.

My dad and a neighbor both had strokes after they were installed.
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(12-04-2017, 05:48 PM)Frigg Wrote: Bad ass!

Where there's a will there's a way I guess.

That is a long time to go with no utilities... Bet you are stoked!

You are a tough mother. A stick to your guns survivor. Are you feeling better since the disconnect from the dunce meters... has it helped?

Sleep apnea went away after I started sleeping in an enclosure.

But I get exposed daily. Every restaurant, the library, most other businesses, relatives' homes all have dunce meters and WIFI.


But the more I limit exposures the better I feel.

Also swimming 15 minutes gets rid of the WIFI symptoms.

Pool is too cold now though.

So the next task is HEAT.

This morning I cleaned up a dead rat in the attic.


It had been mostly eaten by other rats.

Then I used solar power to drill and sawzall the hole for the wood burning stove.


the inverter wasn't up to running the tablesaw, so I cut the frame members at grandma's house.

Inverter on the grape system has a 30Amp start kicker but that TS has a 3/4 horse motor, and it wasn't having it.


Going back in a few to install the support box frame, the three ply upper pipes and maybe cut the hole in the roof.

I only have two days before it snows maybe.

Used an electric oil filled heater last winter, can't run that on solar power.


Not with the grape 400W kit anyway.


What really chaps my nads is I bought a brand new gas central furnace about the same time they dunced the gas meter. Had to suffer through that winter before I yanked the gas meter.

Had a brand new gas water heater too.

Installed a new electric one in another location last year, then they dunced the electric meter.

Now I have to get a propane one?

That's horseshit.
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I hate daylight savings time.


It's backwards. We should fall forward, so that it gets dark at 7pm instead of 5.

Who cares if it's dark when you drive to work?

Anyhow will try and post more pics tomorrow.

Chimney in progress.

Thanks for the pin, I'll try and show every detail.

Car stereo
Breaker box mod
solar charging station

But in order to do that and avoid cybercooties, I have to take the pics, transfer them to my computer, then a thumbdrive, then stashpit them here from the library.

It's kinda complicated.

PS. Confirmed a couple days ago it was the government hacking my computers.

Tricked a local private security guy into spilling it.

"We don't do government intrusions."

"Who said it was the government?"


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