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Get Smart! Epispde 52
Quote:Shortly after the Saudi government publicly disowns bin Laden (while privately continuing to support him) (see April 9, 1994), the bin Laden family follows suits and publicly disowns him as well. Bakr bin Laden, the chairman of the Saudi Binladin Group, the main bin Laden family company, signs a two-sentence statement. Osama bin Laden has 25 brothers, 29 sisters, and more in-laws, aunts, uncles, and so forth. Der Spiegel will later report that in the years bin Laden lives in Sudan, Saudi intelligence minister “Prince Turki [al-Faisal] sent Osama’s mother, Hamida, and his brother Bakr to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, several times to convince Osama to abandon his terrorist activities. The visits were so frequent that Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, believed at the time that Osama was a Saudi spy.” Vincent Cannistraro, former head of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center, will say, “I tracked the bin Ladens for years. Many family members claimed that Osama was no longer one of them. It’s an easy thing to say, but blood is usually thicker than water.” Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA unit specializing in hunting bin Laden, doubts that the entire bin Laden family has severed ties with Osama. In a 2005 interview he will say, “I haven’t seen anything in the last 10 years that’s convinced me that would be the case.”
Quote:1997: Bin Laden Family Financial Connection With Osama Continues Until At Least This Year
In 2004, Osama bin Laden’s half brother Yeslam Binladin admits that he and other bin Laden family members share a Swiss bank account with Osama bin Laden from 1990 until 1997. The account was opened by brothers Omar and Heidar bin Laden in 1990 with an initial deposit of $450,000. By 1997, only two people are authorized to conduct transactions on the account: brothers Osama and Yeslam bin Laden. The bin Laden family claims to have disowned Osama bin Laden in 1994 (see Shortly After April 9, 1994), and the US government officially designated him as a financier of terrorism in 1996. Yeslam had previously denied any financial dealings with Osama at this late date until evidence of this bank account was uncovered by French private investigator Jean-Charles Brisard. In December 2001, French authorities will open an investigation into the financial dealings of the Saudi Investment Company (SICO) run by Yeslam Binladin...
I couldn't get the link to work and I imagine most folks aren't going to go throught he trouble of putting the URL into wayback's search engine so I took a couple screen shots of the pertinent text. Chemistry isn't one of my strong points though so I'm hoping someone with a little more knowledge in that area could weigh in on this...
[Image: vi568ecf17.jpg]
[Image: xo568ecf17.jpg]
[Image: tz568ecf16.jpg]
I strongly advise anyone looking into the events of 9-11-2001 to do their own research. Don't rely on anything posted by myself or anyone else for that matter. We are, for all intent purposes, anonymous to one another here on ATS. For all you know I could be some angry mujahideen operative, or you could be working at some desk on the CENTCOM payroll, so don't take anything for granted. Vett your own information and sources, ask questions and then find the answers to them on your own. There is no statute of limitations on murder cases, and killing thousands of Americans is a very serious crime with global implications... if elements of the US Government, or any of the cronies pulling the strings thereof, were indeed involved in the WTC destruction, then they aren't going to stop trying to discredit the 'truth movement', ever.
Bush never had any intention of finding Osama Bin Laden. Invading Afghanistan and Iraq on false and trumped up pretenses were far more important.
Also, aside from Semtex, RDX could also be a suspect, given the time period, there's no doubt there was plenty of military RDX heading to SE Asia at the time and some formulations of it were made with plasticizing wax that gave it a considerable shelf life and stability. Interestingly, it's also known to cause respiratory problems.
C.J. Chivers of the New York Times has a long piece today about chemical weapons found in Iraq after the 2003 invasion. A few dead-enders are now gleefully claiming that Bush was right after all. Iraq did have WMD!

This is ridiculous enough that—so far, at least—the savvier wing of the conservative movement is staying mum about the whole thing. There are three main reasons for this. First, most of these weapons were rotting remnants of artillery shells used during the Iraq-Iran war in the 80s and stored at Iraq's Muthanna State Establishment as well as other nearby sites. Murtaza Hussain of the Intercept explains what this means:

The U.S. was aware of the existence of such weapons at the Al Muthanna site as far back as 1991. Why? Because Al Muthanna was the site where the UN ordered Saddam Hussein to dispose of his declared chemical munitions in the first place. Those weapons that could not safely be destroyed were sealed and left to decay on their own, which they did. The site was neither “active” nor “clandestine” — it was a declared munitions dump being used to hold the corroded weapons which Western powers themselves had in most cases helped Saddam procure.

In other words, these shells weren't evidence of an active WMD program, which had been George Bush's justification for the war. They were simply old munitions that everyone knew about already and that were being left to degrade on their own.
Aren't they the very ones that Donald Rumsfeld still had the receipts for from when we sold them all the chemical precursors and crop spraying helicopters to use on the kurds during the Iran/Iraq war?
George Bush clearly stating that Iraq had no WMD's...
Check out the guy in the WTC 7 building in 2:30-3:38 of this video. What was OST doing there?
The U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration's Office of Secure Transportation (OST) provides safe and secure transportation of nuclear weapons and components and special nuclear materials, and conducts other missions supporting the national security of the United States of America.
The Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility Or Liability, nor makes any Warranty or Guarantee of the Accuracy, or Validity of material Presented in this Post. Material Contained or Refered To in this Post is presented by Twitchy as Literary Material Only and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Read, Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or otherwise Factual Information.
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He's running around in heavy gear and a plastic hardhat, after the WTC7 evacuation order 'making sure no one else is coming downstairs' and saying he thinks they are the only ones left in the building. He identifies himself as Secret Service, then states specifically OST. It could mean an 'Operations Support Technician' or 'Office of Secure Transportation'.
Either way the guy looks taken off guard by the cameraman and something seems a little off about a secret service agent being the last guy in WTC7 when even firefighters are being 'pulled' out and crowds outside are being told the building is 'going to collapse'. I guess he didn't get the Reuters press release about the WTC7.
Apparently the guy ended up being something of an unsavory character though...
Prosecutors Say Rescuer Stole Cars Recovered At Ground Zero
CBS Raw Footage from 9/11 At roughly time marker 29:33, cut your speakers up and see if that sounds like a fire related collapse.
[Image: go568a3123.png]
Here's the seismic interpretation of that thunderous roar you're hearing in the video.
[Image: iw5693bf7f.png]
Here's seismic data from North Korea’s October 2006 test.
[Image: dr5693c00b.png]
Here's a 'normal' seismic event for comparison. Short sharp spikes are pretty telling.
The Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility Or Liability, nor makes any Warranty or Guarantee of the Accuracy, or Validity of material Presented in this Post. Material Contained or Refered To in this Post is presented by Twitchy as Literary Material Only and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Read, Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or otherwise Factual Information.
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(11-25-2018, 02:17 PM)Twaddle Wrote: Speaking as someone who is a New Yorker, and was there as a responder , I can safely say beams looked cut, and no WAY building 7 should have come down. No WAY.

I've always felt lots of people knew before hand. Many people I know were called away from the building that day.
Odd reasons.
Many didnt don't go in, and the infamous group of Muslims who went the night before and prayed ifo the buildings.

I must say though, I never thought of the building being pre wired during construction.
That makes more sense to me, than anything else actually .
I know people who *claim* to have seen the planes go into the towers, but I don't believe them.....

Great thread.

There was a senator that had something to do with some missiles that had been rigged up to look like commercial aircraft right before 9/11, but I don't remember who it was, will have to poke around in my research files and see if I can dig it up. Also, right after 9/11 there was a company on EBay that listed three airliners that had been converted into elevated apartments for sale. I messaged the seller to ask them how they had gotten the planes to do that with but they never responded. I have a copy of those listings somewhere as well but it's been many years and several computers ago. Also I don't know if anyone will remember the reports of some guy on one of the adjacent buildings that was apparently seen pointing what they thought was a rocket launcher of some sort at the WTC towers during the 9-11 event, in retrospect I wonder now if what they saw was actually the aiming device for laser guide munitions. Also interestingly, the media, briefly, announced that one of the hijacked planes had actually landed and the passengers were being escorted off into secure location, that story vanished quickly but I saw that one live. Something hit the towers, but it wasn't what we were told.
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As I said before, this is an older thread of mine from another forum, some of the links and photos will likely be gone now but the wayback machine likely will have archived alot of it and anything I've posted was probably backed up in my research files at some point so if there's anything you need clarification or verification for, let me know and I'll try to dig it up.
The Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility Or Liability, nor makes any Warranty or Guarantee of the Accuracy, or Validity of material Presented in this Post. Material Contained or Refered To in this Post is presented by Twitchy as Literary Material Only and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Read, Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or otherwise Factual Information.
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I was watching television last night and I saw a new show has come out, I think it's called Demolition Dynasty which features the demolitions exploits of the Loizeaux family. Loizeaux's were the folks that were contracted to clean up the OKC Murrah Federal building and the WTC complex.
Well that got me to wondering as to who else has gotten that golden contract with networks, that promotion, pay raise, best seller, or appointment after their involvement with the events of and after 9-11?

I'll start it with these...
Michael Chertoff was the assistant attorney general on 9-11, after 9-11 he helped free something like 100 Israelis suspected of espionage here in the US and was launched to the position as head of Homeland Security.

Porter Goss as chair of the House Intelligence Commitee was meeting with Mahmoud Ahmad of the ISI (the guy that wired 100,000 to Mohamed Atta) the day of 9-11. He got promoted to head the CIA.

Not really a payoff per-se, but the unnamed individual who went around cutting up the taped conversations between Air Traffic Control and the Pilots on 9-11 with a pair of scissors and depositing them into seperate trashcans despite clear and specific orders from the FAA to retain those records was merely 'censured'.
NYC mayor Ghouliani got a pretty fair run at the white house out of calling himself the 9-11 hero...
Former Deputy Mossad chief Amiram Levin, and Shabtai Shoval, former division manager at Comverse, got a pretty lucrative hand in the Airport security business with their Suspect Detection Systems as a direct result of 9-11.
Michael Mukasey made it to all the way to U.S. Attorney General, he was the judge on Silverstien's lawsuit against the insurance companies.
Also Silverstein actually had the cajones to sue the airlines for 16 billion after he had already been paid 7.3 billion (for a 2.8 billion dollar WTC) by the insurance company.
Then of course if you want to really reach the outer limits of conspiracy theorism... the ultimate payoff for trusty old Tim Osman. It's not something I personally subscribe to but it would certainly explain the 'birth certificate' issue lol.
...Colin Powell's involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, he's already had his payoff from the last debacle he was involved with.
If you haven't seen this video, it's a little artsy but well worth a watch...
The first time I watched this piece, not knowing what to expect, I was awestruck at the sheer amount of material he covers and manages to do it in an entertaining enough format to launch it out of the documentary category so much of the 9-11 and terrorism related material is stuck in and straight into film, if not dramatic genius.
The second time I watched it, I had a notepad and a finger on the pause button and took notes to fact check and compare with my own research, and this guy to best of my knowlege has done his homework.
As to why I posted this in the WOT forum and not the 9-11 forum was because the subject of this piece is an alleged murder of John O'Neil, probably the FBI's top man in Counter Terrorism who was chosen to head the efforts against Al Quaeda. In this war on terror, he was the go to man. He took a job after his investigations were railroaded as the head of security at the World Trade Center, 9-11-01, assumably replacing Marvin Bush.
O'Neill started his new job at the World Trade Center in August 2001. (According to New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, "That Tuesday (9-11) was his first or second day on the job.") He was appointed by Kroll Associates, namely by the controversial managing director Jerome Hauer. Later that month, he talked to his friend Chris Isham about the job. Jokingly, Isham said, “Well, that will be an easy job. They're not going to bomb that place again.” O'Neill replied, “Well actually they've always wanted to finish that job. I think they're going to try again.”

O'Neill's remains were recovered from the World Trade Center site on September 22, 2001 and identified by Jerome Hauer. [1], although Richard Clarke would later recall that only "parts of" O'Neill had been recovered.[2]
Jerome Hauer identified his remains personally.  1dunno1
I found a really good write up of just some of the problems John O'Neil had with officials in his efforts to investigate various terrorist acts. The more I read about his efforts and how they were railroaded, the angrier it makes me, and the more it becomes apparent that something just doesn't smell right about the events of and leading up to 9-11.
Find something to bite down on, you'll need it, and have a read...
One of the last things mentioned in the Film was the War on Terror being equated to a protection racket, that really didn't make alot of sense to me until I read this little piece in the news today...
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Banana producer Chiquita will pay a $25 million fine and serve five years' probation for once paying millions of dollars to groups in Colombia considered by the U.S. to be terrorist organizations, a Department of Justice spokesman said Tuesday.
In so doing, the banana producer avoided prosecution for the company's now-defunct payoff of Colombian terrorists protecting its most profitable banana-growing operation...

Federal prosecutors accused the Cincinnati-based company of paying more than $1.7 million to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a right-wing paramilitary group, in two parts of Colombia where the company grew bananas.

The payments to the group, known as the AUC, went through the company's Colombian subsidiary, Banadex, from 1997 to 2004, according to court documents filed in the case.

Court papers also say Chiquita paid Colombia's two leftist guerrilla groups, the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and ELN (National Liberation Army) from about 1989 to 1997. At the time, according to court documents, those groups controlled areas where the company grew bananas.

The AUC, FARC and ELN are all combatants in Colombia's decade-long civil war, and all have been designated as terrorist organizations by the United States.

One example of many companies and nations that will more than likely end up paying money to avoid prosecution for their associations with groups 'considered' to be 'terrorist' organizations. Considering the loose definitions of that term in our recent security related legislations, this could be a major threat to just about any international company they feel like going after.
Holy Land terror trial winds down
In closing arguments, lawyers for the U.S. and for an Islamic charity offer up evidence that the other side has been deceptive.
By Greg Krikorian, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 18, 2007
DALLAS -- -- Federal prosecutors mounted their final courtroom assault on former officials of a defunct Islamic charity on Monday, arguing that the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development funneled millions of dollars to support terrorists in the guise of helping needy Palestinian families....
Defense attorney Nancy Hollander attacked that argument, complaining about inaccurate FBI translations and questioning the testimony of Israeli secret agents. She accused the government of using faulty evidence, biased witnesses and playing on the public's fear of terrorism.

"Who's being deceptive here?" she said, referring to the government. ...
Is there any doubt who this war on terror protection racket is really benefiting?
Quote:including an Israeli intelligence official, who testified anonymously
Sending aid to starving families in Pallestine is unacceptable to Israel apparently, blocking food and medicene, daily raids and airstrikes, and with them cutting power to Gaza, bombing Lebanon and Syria all the while beating the war drums for an Iranian Invasion, isnt' it time Israel answered to their own terrorism?
Also interesting to note,
Quote:none of the zakat committees cited in the indictment had ever been designated by U.S. authorities as a front for Hamas.
Can you say Ex Post Facto?
Found a great write up on AQ this morning and thought I'd add it to the thread...
Tie all that in to Arbusto, James Bath and the like, and some more pieces seem to fall into place...
The Memoryhole has obtained and posted a complete copy of the infamous and extremely hard to find transcripts of the hearings conducted in the late 1980's chaired by John Kerry, regarding US involvement in what is commonly known as narcocorruption. Some great back story material here relating to this film. They have posted links to the transcripts here..."Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy" a/k/a the Kerry Report Transcripts
Found this article in the news today thought it would be an interesting addition, apparently we have no intentions of eradicating the Opium production in Afghanistan, and seem to raise objections to other countries plans to do so. After watching the video this thread presents, it's a small wonder...
Britain to continue poppy eradication in Afghanistan despite US reversal

Britain will continue to fund the destruction of opium fields in Afghanistan despite the United States condemning poppy eradication as a waste of money.
The British Government said destroying poppy fields remained a key deterrent to growers and one of the "seven pillars" of its anti-opium strategy in Helmand province, just a day after Richard Holbrooke, the US envoy to Afghanistan, said that destroying the crop only drove poor farmers to join the insurgency....

I think this goes a long way towards establishing motive, if you decide to follow up on this stuff, just wait until you dig around in the stories of Barry Seal, his ties to Escobar, and some obscure little flight schools that go back all the way to Oswald and JFK.
The Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility Or Liability, nor makes any Warranty or Guarantee of the Accuracy, or Validity of material Presented in this Post. Material Contained or Refered To in this Post is presented by Twitchy as Literary Material Only and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Read, Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or otherwise Factual Information.
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In the videotaped interview that was conducted in 2002 by Yosri Fouda, Chief of London's Bureau of Al Jazeera with two top alqeda operatives, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh who would later be known the world round as the masterminds behind 9-11. Yorsi Fouda claimed to have been contacted by these individuals and subsequently granted an exclusive videotaped interview which took place in June, 2002.
The unprecedented and explosive interview with the criminal masterminds of the 9-11 attacks was to be aired on Al Jazeera on a two hour special report segment, Sept. 9, 2002, and afterwards it would hit the western media, spreading through an angry America like wildfire. But the interview wasn't complete, and all it had turned out to be was Fouda sitting in a motel room with a pixelated emmisary of Khalid's (to hide his identity) and Binalshibh, the original interview he had been granted turned out to be only a few minutes of a garbled audio recording of the interview that would center around the validity of the Osama Bin Laden video that had been released in Dec. 2001 (the fat dark fake looking Bin Laden we're all so familiar with.) Basicly, little more than some ambiguous references to the evils of western civilization and a sales pitch for the authenticity of the fake Osama we were being sold who flipped flopped from a previous interview and was now claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Oddly, Yorsi Fouda claimed that the men retained the video tape after granting him the interview, and that they had then mailed him a tape containing only the audio of that interview, and the audio had been altered, allegedly for the purposes of disguising their identity.... Pause for a moment and think about that. They identifed themselves as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh, the man who supposedly organized the alqeda cell in Hamburg that gave us Mohamed Atta, granted him a videotaped interview to confess and discuss thier roles as masterminds of the 9-11 attacks, and then kept the tape and garbled the audio so they wouldn't be identified used this valuable air time to simply sell the validity of a very dubious Osama Bin Laden confession...

Two days after this interview aired on Al Jazeera television, Pakistani and American Agents raided a stronghold in Karachi, and arrested Binalshibh, Khalid was said to have narrowly escaped. As the story broke and the usual investigations began it appeared that Fouda had indeed broke the story of the year and was the original source of their connections to 9-11. He was hailed as the man who broke this story to the US and the world, discovering the planners of the attacks.

But there was another problem for Fouda, the date that interview took place June 2002, was called into question because it conflicted with the intelligence the US had supposedly gleaned through the famous waterboarding technique from Abu Zubaydah in March 2002 the information regarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh's role in the attacks, and it called into question Foud's status as the story breaker. Fouda's solution to this problem was to simply change the date the interview had taken place, and claimed that it was actually done in May of 2002. When asked about this discrepancy by Abdallah Schleifer in an interview, he simply replied, "I lied." and further explained, "Yes, of course. I lied because I needed to lie. I'll tell you why. Because I thought, maybe even expected, that if something went wrong and I needed to get in touch with them through a website or a statement or a fax ... they would be the only ones who would know that I had met them one month earlier than I let on, and so I'd know I was talking to the right people." and then claimed the interview had taken place in May 2002.

Sounded reasonable enough, but still called into question his status as world renown story breaking journalist because of the dates the US had attributed to their intel gleaned from Abu Zubaydah in March 2002, so in march of 2003 after the arrest of Khalid, the American media was again hailing Foud as the man who brought these guys to the attention of the US and Foud again changed the date this interview took place AGAIN, saying in an interview with The Guardian, that he had conducted the interview in April 2002.
His credibility was restored in the eyes of the world, and the story was sold as is, like a used car.

When Zubaydah was captured, Bush himself even quipped they had found Alqeda's #3 man and alqeda's cheif of operations, but the CIA would later say they were mistaken about the high value role of Abu Zubaydah, the only other real source for this information at the time.
Quote:Washington Post
CIA Mistaken on 'High-Value' Detainee, Document Shows
An al-Qaeda associate captured by the CIA and subjected to harsh interrogation techniques said his jailers later told him they had mistakenly thought he was the No. 3 man in the organization's hierarchy and a partner of Osama bin Laden, according to newly released excerpts from a 2007 hearing.
"They told me, 'Sorry, we discover that you are not Number 3, not a partner, not even a fighter,' " said Abu Zubaida, speaking in broken English, according to the new transcript of a Combatant Status Review Tribunal held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba....
Intelligence, military and law enforcement sources told The Washington Post this year that officials later concluded he was a Pakistan-based "fixer" for radical Islamist ideologues, but not a formal member of al-Qaeda, much less one of its leaders.
Abu Zubaida, a nom de guerre for Zayn al-Abidin Muhammed Hussein, told the 2007 panel of military officers at the detention facility in Cuba that "doctors told me that I nearly died four times" and that he endured "months of suffering and torture" on the false premise that he was an al-Qaeda leader....
Abu Zubaida, 38, was subjected 83 times to waterboarding...
The Palestinian was held at a secret CIA facility after his capture...
Stonewalling is defined by Dictionary.com as "the act of stalling, evading, or filibustering, esp. to avoid revealing politically embarrassing information." It's a functional enough definition of the word, and perhpas more forgiving and politically correct than it's less appealing synonym, Cover-up. One implies avoiding embarassment, the other implies the concealment of criminal activity.
As the subsequent investigations of the Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center began to gather momentum, the American Public was introduced to both of these terms, repeatedly, and the investigations began to read something like a murder mystery with pages and chapters torn out. Very important chapters...
While this fails to directly link the article quoted to it's original source, it was on the news wires and I managed to find references to it being printed by the Miami Herald and other major news outlets, so the validity of the article is not in question. Let's have a look...
Quote:WASHINGTON - The Bush administration and the nation's intelligence agencies are blocking the release of sensitive information about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, delaying publication of a 900-page congressional report on how the terrorist assault happened.
Intelligence officials insist the information must be kept secret for national security reasons. But some of the information is already broadly available on the Internet or has been revealed in interim reports on the investigation, leading to charges that the administration is simply trying to avoid enshrining embarrassing details in the report.
Now here's the kicker...
In Feburary 2002, the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and the House Committee on Intelligence began to conduct a joint inquiry into the activities of the intelligence community both before and after the attacks of Sept. 11. A copy of their findings was eventually published despite the efforts in delaying it publication and stonewalling actively employed by the Bush Administration and can be found in it's entirety here.
Before we get into the Bush Administration's stonewalling efforts, let's take a good look at the committees that were preparing this report...
It is interesting to note that the House Intelligence Committee was chaired by none other than Porter Goss, Yale Alumni, Republican Congressman from Jeb Bush's Florida Government, former CIA agent and eventually director of the CIA replacing George Tenet in Sept. 2004. The Senate Committee Chair was Bob Graham, also of Florida, who would later accuse the Bush Administration of an active 'cover-up' of 9-11 related failures in the intelligence community prior to the attacks. It is interesting to note of him that he would later engage in various disagreements with the CIA in regards to their use of Water Boarding and other torture methods.
The Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility Or Liability, nor makes any Warranty or Guarantee of the Accuracy, or Validity of material Presented in this Post. Material Contained or Refered To in this Post is presented by Twitchy as Literary Material Only and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Read, Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or otherwise Factual Information.
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Quote:In late August 2001, barely a couple of weeks before September 11, Senator Bob Graham, Representative Porter Goss and Senator Jon Kyl were on a top level mission in Islamabad, which was barely mentioned by the US media.

Meetings were held with President Pervez Musharraf and with Pakistan's military and intelligence brass including the head of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) General Mahmoud Ahmad. Amply documented, the ISI is known to support a number of Islamic terrorist organizations. (See Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) at http://www.cfrterrorism.org... )

According to the FBI, Indian Intelligence and several press reports, the ISI Head was instrumental in providing financial support to the 9/11 terrorists. General Mahmoud Ahmad had allegedly ordered the transfer of $100.000 to the presumed 9/11 ring-leader Mohamed Atta.

On the morning of September 11, the three lawmakers Bob Graham, Porter Goss and Jon Kyl (who were part of the Congressional delegation to Pakistan) were having breakfast on Capitol Hill with General Ahmad, the alleged "money-man" (to use the FBI expression) behind the 9/11 hijackers. Also present at this meeting were Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi and several members of the Senate and House Intelligence committees. This meeting was described by one press report as a "follow-up meeting" to that held in Pakistan in late August.

When the twin towers were attacked, General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan’s intelligence service, was, in Senator Graham's own words, "very empathetic, sympathetic to the people of the United States," (Stuart News Company Press Journal (Vero Beach, FL), September 12, 2001).
Bob Graham's description of the General Ahmad, contrasts with that of the Washington Post:
"On the morning of Sept. 11, Goss and Graham were having breakfast with a Pakistani general named Mahmud Ahmed — the soon-to-be-sacked head of Pakistan’s intelligence service. Ahmed ran a spy agency notoriously close to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban." (Washington Post, 18 May 2002).
Were all familiar with the allegations that ran through the Agence France Presse, the French News Wires regarding the CIA agents that were meeting with Osama bin Laden in the American Hospital in Dubai, yet no one seems to recall this crucial piece of information which further alludes to the intimacy of the CIA and the Pakistani ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency well known to fund Islamic radicalism. Both of these Chairmen along with Sen. Jon Kyl and other members of the intelligence committees were meeting with none other than General Mahmoud Ahmad, the head of the ISI and the man who had personally wired Mohamed Atta the sum of $100,000 before the attacks. Ahmad would also meet with Colin Powell after the attacks. Conviently, this information was excluded from the congressional report they published.
Quote:Disputed information includes a well publicized warning from an FBI agent that al-Qaida supporters might be training in U.S. flight schools and the names of the president and his national security adviser as people who may have received warnings that a terrorist attack was possible before Sept. 11, one official said.
Some of those Exact Same Flight Schools, go all the way back through US History to the JFK assasination, Oswald, up through Bush Sr. alleged coc aine running operations through Mena AK, and right up to the attacks of Sept. 11, but that's another issue I will hopefully get to soon enough.
There's a great Synopsis of some of the information in regards to prior warnings from various FBI and Intelligence operatives in three parts, 1, 2, 3, but to summarize, they knew damned well that trouble was brewing in the form of a large terrorist attack on US soil, probably involving civilian or commerical aircraft. With the exception of perhaps the New York Times who confirmed this angle, what the mainstream media and this report fail to mention however, is that elements of the Mossad, or Israeli intelligence, had been tailing these flight school students around the country for years prior, and one of the alleged 9-11 Hijackers, Ziad al-Jarrah, was a cousin of a confirmed mossad agent later arrested in Lebanon.

The rest of the Article Speaks for itself.
Quote:The joint inquiry, in a Sept. 24 staff report, included portions of the memo and summarized how it was handled and ignored by FBI officials. Most of the memo is on several Internet sites. Now intelligence officials want to block releasing excerpts of the memo.
Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the ranking Republican on the Senate committee during the investigation, said: "The memo should be declassified except for portions that might compromise an ongoing investigation."
The Bush administration also consistently have fought identifying top officials, including the president and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, who may have received warnings in 2001 that bin Laden's network planned to hijack commercial aircraft.
As a result, the report includes vague references to "senior administration officials."
"We fought that argument (to name officials) and lost," said Goss. "There's a history in these types of reports, going back many presidencies, that you do not mention the president of the United States, period."
Goss said there was "no cover-up of vital information" and predicted the final report will include some embarrassing details but "no 'gotcha' material about any administration."
Roemer, an Indiana Democrat, said he sees a pattern of "overclassification" by an administration unwilling to disclose information and agencies that reflexively fight disclosure.
When Roemer recently tried to read transcripts of closed-door interviews from last year's probe, the Justice Department blocked him, citing possible executive privilege.
Bush officials relented after Roemer publicly complained the administration was not following its pledge of cooperation with the independent investigation.
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The contention that the attacks of Sept. 11 were an inside job, perpetrated by the American Government and Intelligence Agencies in order to justify sweeping military action in the oil rich and strategically crucial middle east and further their political agendas isn't a new revelation.
The first real public hint, if not confirmation, of this suspicion came in the form of the classified depositions given by witnesses relevant to the investigation of the attacks, and reported as heard by Attorney Stanley Hilton. Mr. Hilton, was a senior advisor to Sen. Bob Dole and several other Washington movers and shakers, who filed a class action lawsuit in 2002 in the amount of 7 billion dollars against President Geroge Bush and other prominent members of his administration.
The lawsuit filed on June 3rd, 2002, on behalf of "TAXPAYERS OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" by Stanley Hilton named 400 plantiffs, representing 14 families of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks alledging that the foreknowledge of the attacks and the inaction of the Administration to prevent them was a criminal act which directly harmed the 9-11 victims, and going even further to accuse the Bush Administration of conspiring to actually orchestrate the attacks to further his political ends.

Although the case was dismissed by Judge , primarily on the grounds of the Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity, which basicly says a sitting president can't be sued or even really held accountable for criminal activity by citizens, and claiming that the plantiffs had failed to failed to "establish the required causal connection between [their] alleged injuries and these defendants' conduct", a copy of that ruling can be found here.
Hilton, who was quoted as saying simply, ""I hope it will expose the fact that there are numbers of people in the government, including Bush and his top assistants, who wanted this to happen," would then be put through the usual media bersmerching and bashing, but one of the more interesting aspects of this lawsuit was his brief status of being made privy to otherwise classified depositions from various 9-11 witnesses.

During an exclusive radio interview with Alex Jones on march 11, 2003, he detailed one of the more alarming of these interviews which would indicate that some of the alleged Hijackers had actually worked as double agents for the American Government. It wasn't something I really looked into at the time until I realized that the flight school in question here had already turned up in recent American Narco Corruption history. How interesting.

Hilton claimed that during the course of his work on the case he had interviewed the wife of one of the alleged hijackers (a hijacker who like so may others, turned out to be alive and well long after 9-11), who told him that that she had "met Mohammad Atta and his younger brother, and that this group were double-agents operating in a series of cells that were aided and abetted by the US government" and "She mentioned that these 'cells' were not comprised of muslim fundamentalists, but 'playboys' and that they also participated in the OKC bombing and the first WTC attack."
Playboys? The American people were sold a story which claimed these were muslim fundamentalists, religous extremists, a claim that is muddied further by Mohamed Atta's ex-girlfriend, Amanda Keller's contention that during his flight school training at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida, Atta frequented strip bars, used coc aine and was apparently a hedonist. Amanda Keller was not named as witness to the 9-11 commission, and along with several otehr residents of the area later claimed to have been harassed and intimidated, by Florida Law Enforcement and FBI agents to prevent them from talking to the media.
Huffman Aviation....
It is interesting to note that one of the 9-11 comissioners was none other than Ben-Veniste, who defended Barry Seal, drug smuggler extraordinaire who ran cocaine into Mena AK on behalf of the famous Contras during the Bush era CIA's Iran Contra operations and was gunned down in his car with George Bush Sr. personal phone number on him. Bush actually owned Barry's plane for a while.
Also interesting to note that the flight school in question here, Huffman Aviation was owned by Wally Hillard, if that name doesn't ring a bell, then perhaps the largest Heroin bust in Florida history will....
A Learjet belonging to the true owner of the Venice flight school that trained both terrorist pilots who flew into the World Trade Center was seized with more than 30 pounds of heroin onboard by Federal Agents in July of 2000 at the Orlando Executive Airport.
Authorities at the time called it the biggest seizure of heroin ever found in central Florida.
The seized plane belonged to 70-year old Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, FL., multi-millionaire businessman, self-styled Mormon Bishop, and the newly-discovered secret owner of Huffman Aviation at the Venice Airport since its purchase in 1999, just months before terrorists began arriving in force in Southwest Florida.
Hilliard was already well-known in aviation circles as the 'money man' and deep-pocketed financial backer of Rudi Dekkers, according to local aviation observers like chief flight instructor Tom Hammersly, who taught at the Venice Airport while the two flight schools there experienced a flood of Arab student pilots.
"What we heard was that he (Dekkers) had somebody in Naples backing him financially. We all knew that the money he (Dekkers) flaunted was not even his money, that he was just a 'front' man for the man who had the money," stated Hammersly in an interview in "Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus."...
At the same time their planes were flying back and forth from Venezuela with illegal cargo Hilliard's charter service was also, unbelievably, being utilized at virtually no cost––despite the fact that rentals for Lear jets can run as high as $1,800 an hour––by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
Even stranger, both Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris were providing celebrity endorsements to Hilliard's operation well after the company's Lear (N351WB) had been busted by DEA agents armed with machine guns.
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Stanley Hilton's Case against the US Government was dismissed, he was ridiculed, unfairly IMO, in the media and later was largely discredited for his contentions regarding the Planes not being civilian aircraft, but regardless of what you may or may not think of his 9-11 related work, that case brought the Huffman Air connections to 9-11 and Poppy Bush's CIA Narco-Corruption into the public eye for the first time since Oliver North, and tragicly, it was largely ignored by the American public who had already been sold on the Alqeda Story. If you know your JFK assasination research you will begin to realize something here about this whole story.

Sadly, I think Micheal Chertoff, who appallingly released the mossad agents and Israeli Spies who were caught red handed with explosives, large sums of cash and box cutters, the only real live suspects in the 9-11 attacks, said it best during his tenure as Assistant Attorney General, "Frankly, we can't differentiate between terrorism and organized crime and drug dealing. These groups don't hold themselves independently: they work with one another. Terrorists get engaged in drug activity. They have relationships with organized crime."
The Author of this Post assumes no Responsibility Or Liability, nor makes any Warranty or Guarantee of the Accuracy, or Validity of material Presented in this Post. Material Contained or Refered To in this Post is presented by Twitchy as Literary Material Only and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Material IS Not Intended to be Read, Inferred, or Interpreted as Information, Advice, News, Instruction, or otherwise Factual Information.
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On the often overlooked connections between US, British, and Pakistani Intelligence agencies prior to the attacks of Sept. 11 and the subsequent cover ups in regards to the roles played by operatives of those agencies....
Daniel Perl was a jewish journalist and dual citizen of both the US and Israel who worked for the Wall Street Journal serving as the South Asia Bureau Chief based in India. According to Wikipedia, in January 2002, Daniel Perl was kindnapped, allegedly, while en-route to an interview with Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in Karachi while investigating the ties between the ISI, British and US Intelligence agencies.
Perl would later become infamous as the man who was beheaded in a video released by his captors, a group calling themselves "The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty" who claimed the Berg was a CIA agent and the video subsequently spurred a great deal of anti-islamic sentiment here in the US and abroad and fueled the public support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
What largely escaped the main stream media is the very interesting fact that Nick Berg had went to Iraq in December and January and returned there in March of the same year supposedly looking for work as an electrical contractor to help build radio towers. An American journalist with an Israeli stamped passport wondering around in Iraq for months looking for electrical engineering jobs, he was arrested at a checkpoint in Mosul for 'suspicous activity'. In an attempt to secure his release, his family promptly filed a lawsuit April 5th claiming that Berg was being held illegally by the US Military. There are conflicting reports of his whereabouts during the two week period of his detention and both the US and Iraqi Police denied holding him, but he was released the next day on the 6th.
Beth Payne, the U.S. consular officer in Iraq, had emailed Berg's family stating that "I have confirmed that your son, Nick, is being detained by the U.S. military in Mosul. He is safe. He was picked up approximately one week ago. We will try to obtain additional information regarding his detention and a contact person you can communicate with directly." Two days after his release from US custody, his body was found, and on May 11, a very suspect video of his execution was released on a now defunct islamic site.
The video instills alot of emotional reactions from people, so I think it's important to note that I'm not mitigating the horrific nature of the video but it's important to this point to note that there were a number of questionable things about it that, to my recollection, that were never really addressed or explained. These anamolies include the references made in the video to the Abu Ghraib Prisoner abuse photos, which had not been released yet, the orange jump suit Berg was wearing being identical to the standard US issued prisoner suits in Guantonomo Bay which, at least in my mind, suggests that Berg wasn't released but transfered to the custody of his captors, his lack of movement and blood during the actual beheading, the chair Berg is seated in during his speech is allegedly the same chairs, as well as the walls and baseboards of the room he was in, that were seen at the Ghraib Prison, the audio appears to have been dubbed in post production, the ethnic origin of the captors was questioned as some of them appeared to have white hands and Al-Zarqawi lacked his prosthetic leg, a tatoo, his Jordanian accent and wore a gold ring which is frowned upon for men in Islamic Culture, and one of the men was allegedly armed with a Galil, an Israeli made version of the AK-47.
The anamolies in the video are important because the men responsible for his execution are the self same operatives that we find connected not only to Islamic Militants, but also to the ISI as well as British and US Intelligence.
Let's take a closer look at Saeed Sheikh...
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was arrested in Pakistan for his connection with the Nick Berg execution and sentenced to death. Prior to his involvement with the Nick Berg execution he had been arrested and imprisoned in India for his role in the 1994 kidnapping of western tourists in India. According to the Washington Post, the ISI paid his legal fees there from which he was released to the Taliban as part of a hostage neogitation and is currently, according to Wiki, being held in Pakistan.
He was raised primarily in London, and an alumni of the London School of Economics where he is said to have recruited students for the Islamic Fundamentalist cause. It is interesting to note that the former President of Pakistan, Musharraf, claimed that Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was recruited by MI6 during his studies there and actually sent to the Balkans joining the Harkat ul-Ansar under the guise of the “Convoy of Mercy”. Aukai Collins would later claim that Harkat ul-Ansar was a terrorist organization funded by Alqeda and the US State Department added them to a growing list of terrorists.
Sounds like a double agent to me, confirmed if by nothing else, the fact that, according to CNN, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh sent $100,000 to Mohammed Atta just prior to the attacks of Sept. 11 and Atta returned several thousands of those dollars back to Saeed Sheikh. Oddly enough, the 9-11 Commission claimed the source of those funds as unknown and the FBI speculates that the source of those funds was Gen. Mahmud Ahmed, who by amazing cooincidence, was meeting with US Senate Intelligence officials the morning of the attacks. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune, not only was this guys working with the ISI, and MI6, but was also believed by many in Musharraf's administration, to be working with the CIA as well.
Richard Perl was investigating these connections, when he wasn't wondering around Iraq looking for electrical contracting work that is, and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is just one little facet in a tangled web of intelligence operatives involved directly with the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. It isn't too far of a stretch to suggest that Nick Berg stumbled into a story that would have blown the lid off some very nasty dealings between these intelligence networks and was killed by them rather than some Pakistani Liberation group as was reported by the mainstream media.
How do these different intelligence groups all end up in the same bed?
In a word, BCCI.
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