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General FLYNN About to be Vindicated!

I want to draw special attention to THIS footnote in the filing:
[Image: DWL2lMWVwAANKwN.jpg]
Every single 1 of the 'Brady law progeny' the judge refers to - that are explained in the {1} footnote, has to do with the PROSECUTION WITHHOLDING EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE FROM THE DEFENDANT BEFORE A GUILTY PLEA WAS ENTERED.
Just in case anybody still thinks it's some kind of a huge mystery where the @GenFlynn case is headed, this is a huge clue.
Flynn's case is now a BRADY case. The gov't didn't show the defendant exculpatory evidence before he entered a guilty plea.

This is the EXACT SAME KIND OF MISCONDUCT that got the Cliven Bundy case tossed recently, and got the prosecutors in legal hot water.
[Image: DWL4Rv-VAAA5CM2.jpg]

Oh, to all the trolls in my TL right now with the talking point "Sullivan does this is all his cases, this is a nothingburger":

You're right Sullivan does this in ALL his cases. HE'S THE JUDGE YOU BRING IN WHEN THE PROSECUTION F**KS UP.
Judge Contreras likely f'd up big time not making sure the prosecution showed Flynn any/all exculpatory evidence before he allowed Flynn to plead guilty.

Contreras did not VOLUNTARILY recuse himself. He was REMOVED from the case.

Then Sullivan was brought in to clean it up.
Flynn is now getting access to EVERYTHING, the FISA court filings, the 302's, ALL OF IT.
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Thank you [Image: safetypin.jpg]

This really is a biggie. Judge Sullivan is starting the ball rolling to potentially expose a corrupted case against Flynn- Fruit of the Poisonous Tree PLUS withholding evidence that would have prevented Flynn from pleading guilty. Cheer
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Yippee Yi Yi Yea!
Thanks DJ.
Great News!!
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Finally, some hopeful news.
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bring it on you deep state fucks! we'll expose ALL of you! Flynn has the dirt on you, and YOU are all going down!
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So tell me again how none of this has been a politically driven?
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And kudos on the thread, O.P.
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And People wonder why I am so interested in Court Stuff .
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