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Gardening and Food Growing Thread
(06-18-2018, 06:45 PM)Luvapottamus Wrote:
(06-17-2018, 06:05 PM)WNC Wrote:
(06-17-2018, 05:41 PM)Luvapottamus Wrote: My dogs are.


I'm practicing hound dog hugel kultur.

I built the mounds, tossed the seeds on there, doggie tractors do the rest.


At least yours earn there keep. Mine always uses the "I don't have any thumbs" to get out of any kind of work. Chuckle


I never bothered to put a fence around my garden; don't care if the dogs walk around in there...


Last year one of my neighbors wanted to rezone his empty lots from residential to commercial, so before the hearings with the zoning commission he "cleaned up" the property by cutting down trees, dragging off logs and brush from the wooded part and brush-hogging the pasture.

That drove norway rats into my house and at least one of them burrowed into one of my hugel kulture mounds.

I came home one day and the dogs were tearing the mound apart!


I converted an empty lawn corner of the yard into my garden without tilling it.

What I did:

1)First I laid down 6" of leaves on top of the grass.
2)I put 3" of horse manure on top of that
3)I put grass clippings on top of that.

So that the leaves would choke out the grass, the manure would digest the leaves and the grass clippings were to keep weed seeds from sprouting on top of the manure.


I built the mounds. I laid logs down in semi-circular long hills about 2 1/2 feet tall, 4 feet wide, following the slope of the terrain to catch water.

It's a corner and the slope of the land goes downhill from the corner, so I ended up with a short mound then a longer one, getting longer until I had 4, looks like the WIFI symbol:

[Image: wifi-1290667_960_720-copy-57efedff5f9b586c359e5548.jpg]

On top of the logs I packed in leaves, then dug trenches in between the mounds and put that dirt on top of the mounds.

I got about 2-3" on there the first year and that was enough to grow stuff.

But I wanted MORE dirt, so I add grass and leaves in the trenches I dug, and dig that back up every year to add more dirt.

It makes more dirt than the mulch I put in there; the bacteria makes the clay soil expand, so I "grow" more good soil every year this way, then throw it on top.

I was a little horrified when the dogs tore up the mound, but then I noticed:

They shredded the leaves!

The leaves I put on there the first year had compacted together and roots were having trouble breaking through it.

So I let the dogs shred it, and took video of them doing it.

Then last winter I shoveled the mess they made back on the mound.

This year it's the most PRODUCTIVE mound in the garden.

I want to edit the video and produce a "hound dog hugel kultur" documentary.

It will show how I build the mounds, then in step 6 you see a gloved hand drop a rat in there.


Step seven is end of season "release the hounds!"


That is one of the most bizarre gardening stories I have ever read. I'm not sure if you should write a book or seek mental help. Chuckle
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(06-18-2018, 08:44 PM)WNC Wrote: That is one of the most bizarre gardening stories I have ever read. I'm not sure if you should write a book or seek mental help.  Chuckle


It'll be funny. I wrote part of the screenplay already.


NARRATOR(can't center so excuse the formatting)

First yer gonna need some dawgs: One of these....

Closeup of Roscoe the bagel hound.

NARRATOR (Continued)

One of these...

Closeups for each of the other three dogs.


A big pile of manure...

Easier to write on final draft but it'll be rednecky hilarious.

And aside from funny it's actually a very practical guide to this gardening method.

Several advantages to this system:
Ergonomic. Easier to weed and plant on a mound than on the flat ground
Saves water. The wood as it decomposes becomes a gigantic sponge
You can inoculate the wood with mushrooms
Leguminous trees provide nitrogen for the food crops

There's others, and I haven't seen a comedy version of a how to video.

It's get lots of hits, might catch on with more gardeners.
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Still cold and wet here. It has not varied by 3 degrees the last 2 days,57 - 60 degrees. Raining lightly all day, we have had an inch and a quarter or so. West of here, along the Rocky Mountain front, we are hearing 5.5 to 7 inches and flooding! Glad we didn't get that!
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