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Free Sirius XM Radio Channels Now On Inactive Radios.

this is what happens when I try to multi task and type with 10 thumbs.

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A reminder you have a solid 4 day weekend to listen to SiriusXM on your inactive radios (i.e. car).
Likewise, you can get an app for your phone, tablet, or computer to listen. The second option will
probably require an email to make active. The first one is just push a button and listen.
There are a lot of talk programs on SiriusXM. Many are politics oriented- both right and left.

But the music channels are commercial free!!!! How does that get any better?
Less jawing and more music.

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May, 2020.

Free streaming from now until Saturday, May 30th.


1. Turn on your Sirius Satellite Radio service in your automobile. Listen
to 150 channels. News, sports, talk, comedy and commercial free music.

2. Get the app on your smartphone or mobile device. Streaming means even
more channel are available to you. Perhaps you need an email address. Everyone
should have one 'burner' e-mail. Get one for such purposes from gmail, icloud, or
even juno.com.

3. Your generic internet radio can also catch the wi-fi signals. This is a chance to turn
on any inactive Sirius radio laying about your living quarters.

[Image: trial-123-v2.jpg]

3 weeks of free listening. With that extra stimulus money maybe you could later pick
up a package deal of some sort. But, for now, it is FREE. My favorite price.

Kick it out. You have Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and a great government imposed lock down.
How great is that? Time to celebrate.

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And I'll be a big sport about it.

Let's also celebrate Canada's Victoria Day since that is in
this same time frame. Monday, May 18th.

This year they get to party over their semi automatic firearms taken away from them.

There are Canadian based - and focused -channels on the menu. Sports, talk, news, music.

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I don't drive a Nissan either but the factory radio set up in many modern
day cars are about the same in the dash area.

[Image: nissan-siriusxm-radio.png]

Some of you have had a subscription from the dealership, used it, then let it expire. The radio is still there in
the dash isn't it? Just turn it on to the SiriusXM option and away you go.
Others have purchased a used car. There it is. You too can just turn it on and listen for free the next 3 weeks.

[Image: f5fabd34df0e947d3c26a8dd59583ff5.jpg]


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Once upon a time, I decided to get a desktop internet radio. It was around 2012 or
2014. I do not remember as time and space blend together these days. The reason I
wanted one was wherever there was a quality wifi signal, the little radio would play.
So, I bought one from Sirius for about $100 usd. It was proprietary. It would only do
Sirius radio signals. Here is a generic picture from the 'net:

[Image: img11249219.jpg]

I still own it. I still works but....... the software is getting a little long in the tooth. One
thing that pisses me off in the electronic world is how quickly things are outdated. It
does not matter how nice it looks, it is still a dinosaur. Companies will not work with
the "old" technology, so you own another boat anchor. Yippee. The landfill continues to
grow everyday with e-trash.

So, if I were to purchase another internet radio in this decade, I would go with one that can
also receive standard signals from all sorts of radio stations. Like maybe 100K radio stations
from around the world. Such is the net. A number of companies make desktop radios. Grace
is a popular one. I do not know if it is the best or the cheapest. They are popular.

[Image: 81u-LZBS7-WEL-AC-SL1500.jpg]

This article will proclaim the best desktop ones. Some may not be wi-fi capable:

You get the radio, link up to a wifi signal, and you surf. Their radios allow you to put apps from
other (pay to listen) companies on the system. Kind of like the best of both worlds. The one
advantage of the SiriusXM only radio is it will also project their special data to the radio.
Some like to see picture of the album cover art, the date the song was released. Important to
some, no big deal to others. I understand some of the new apps can do that as well. Scratchinghead

This free listening for May 2020 goes on until May 30th. You might not have an inactive radio around
but maybe a friend or family member does. For the automobile, factory install, just push the button and
you are listening to commercial free music.

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I have Sirius in my car. Thank you @BadBrad
I like free Cheer
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because it is now the weekend as Friday afternoon has arrived.
The FREE listening on inactive SiriusXM radios continues until May, 30th.

Besides commercial free music channels, there are other channels you might want
to check out. They, however do have commercials.

Laugh USA
Doctor Radio
Road Dog Trucking
-various religious stations
-various traffic reports

Keep surfing their channels. I'm sure you will find a few you like.

BTW. Listen on your mobile device now for free as well. You will have to
download the app......and probably give them an email address.
Post here with your comments to help others.

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It's Friday again.
How quickly the time flies by.
Especially in lock down situations.

This Friday begins Memorial Day Weekend Observed. Usually, SiriusXM offers
free (limited) service to inactive radios for this time period.
If you have a SiriusXM radio in your car, turn it on for about 150 channels
of listening fun. It is great for a road trip. Lots of programs there you can not
and will not get over 'free' terrestrial radio broadcasting.

Hope everybody has fun and stays safe this weekend. I have to work for the man
as something broke and no one else wants to babysit. The good news is I get to surf
the internet while on the job. Also apps from SiriusXM on the net too. Distracted by
electronic gadgets. The story of my life as of late. V6sRZf4

Here is a sat pic. Computer graphic. Looks like they thought the Earth was round.

[Image: satellite-radio.jpg]

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