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Flynn Hearing Reveals Existence of Bombshell DOJ Memo Exonerating Michael Flynn
This is a diversion though.

Flynn is charged with lying to the FBI about the specific phone call he had with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, the day after Obama expelled 33 Russian diplomats from the USA because he claimed the DNC server had been hacked by hackers working for the Kremlin.
Now the fact was that Flynn was 2 weeks away from being the New NSA, and of course he was talking to the Russian Ambassador about that topic. The idea that he was violating the Logan Act is nonsense.

There were other investigations as to whether Flynn had been illegally representing Turkey without registering paperwork properly, and about a speech in Russia. But obviously he was not charged with any of that...but it may have been used as leverage against him to get him to plea out.

So we have to face reality. When Flynn was asked 'did you discuss the sanctions against Russia', he said 'no'. why? Because he didn't 'discuss' them, they were 'mentioned' in the course of his phone call. To him 'discuss' means a substantive discourse on the topic. To Democrats it means 'it was mentioned'.

So, why did Flynn not fight this?
1. they held the other charges over his head
2. they told him they would charge his family members
3. They told him, you might be able to go to trial and win this case against all these charges, but win or lose, you are going broke on legal fees because we will appeal this shit for years since we have all the money in the world to shit on you with.

But all of this is ignoring the Elephant in the room. Barack Obama committed a fraud. There is no evidence that any Russians hacked the DNC server. There has never been any evidence. There has never been an investigation of that claim by law enforcement.
Reputable ex CIA/FBI/NSA officers who have reviewed the logs of the DNC server say the theft of the DNC emails appears to have been by a high speed download to a device connected to the server.

Hopefully John Durham is getting to the heart of this issue. Was Obama lied to by James Comey/Brennan on this issue? Was Obama part of the conspiracy? Why did James Comey not investigate the claimed hacking?
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