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First generation UFO researcher Stanton Friedman dead at 84
(05-15-2019, 10:46 AM)Apache54 Wrote: He was a great guy,
The world of UFO's has many types of people in it from shysters to money makers to people whom just want to un-earth the absolute truth.
just like anything some people will never believe and will always find a flaw that up holds their non-belief theories, and then we also have the opposites whom believe anything and of course those of us whom know what they have seen or been exposed to yet don't have actual proof of it. For me I know and have met either the people or their direct close relatives and in some cases other military people, that have direct knowledge of events that show we have people not from this planet or realm who have and or are here. There are many writings along with evidence of long time past events that substantiate this as well. one small thing to consider for the non-believers is the fact that well before any type of modern communication systems that would allow information to be passed easily around the world, is that for hundreds of years there is written archives from explorers and priest record keepers that show archived discussions and drawings of aliens.  The interesting part is the FACT that ALL the verbiage and drawings show them the same even when the locals are 5000 miles away and could not at those times had any knowledge from the others.  Any person with a clear and open mind would have to say there is not much choice in how this could be, except from seeing the same thing the others have seen.

In summary,
To each his own belief, and i really don't care if a person does or does not believe, there is enough evidence to know the answer.

Absolutely, UFOs have always existed.

I think "they" pick and choose who they interact with ... and when, where, why and what they manifest!

I also know we have advanced weapons platforms that are approaching some of their characteristics.

Think for yourself
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