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Elizabeth Warren Suggest Trump’s Going to Prison: By 2020
Ron Paul: Elizabeth Warren is ‘a Socialist’

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Rudi Guilliani is a pretty good lawyer, handled some high profile cases, in fact he even went after the Hells Angels in the 80s
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Scarborough Predicts Warren Native American Problem Gone By Spring


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In reality the truth is Trump did break the law but don't worry kids, they won't arrest a sitting President, that's why it will be 2020.

What laws did Trump really break? Mostly using his charity as a slush fund.

Trump reportedly used $258,000.00 from his charity to pay the debts of lawsuits not related to that charity. It's also reported that he used his charity for personal expenses such as buying a Tim Tebow football helmet.

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Warren showed her TRUE colors that she only wants votes when she lied about her heritage, just like so many other politicians, we must end the nightmare of career politicians and establish term limits for them one 4 year term and of course there needs to be much more than that, but a start, can you imagine the rats jumping ship when the power and the money goes away!! Chuckle
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Im predicting it today.....Trump vs Hillary II

Hillary will announce in April...
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