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"Elite" Colleges Bend the Rules for More Students
Google Colleges Bend the Rules for More Students if you want to read the full article...

As many as one in four students at some elite U.S. colleges are now classified as disabled, largely because of mental-health issues, entitling them to a widening array of special accommodations like longer time to take exams.

Under federal law, students can be considered disabled if they have a note from a doctor. That label requires schools to offer accommodations depending on the student’s needs. A blind student, for example, would have access to specialized software or a reader for an exam.

The rise in disability notes for mental-health issues such as depression and anxiety has led to a surge in the number of students who take their exams in low-distraction testing centers, are allowed to get up and walk around during class or bring a comfort animal to school, among other measures.


I'm sorry, but how are these "elite" colleges again? Whatever happened to fortitude?

I suspect too many non-qualified students were allowed in. The ensuing mental distress is because they are likely in over their heads. So then they are allowed all this extra time and concessions. I've suspected for a while that these "Ivy League" schools are more about having or getting the right social connections more than academic rigor...Will a degree from there be considered a joke in ten or twenty years?
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Exams and higher education itself are supposed to be stressful. It prepares you for life...or it used to
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"Build the scam, and they will come".
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One great day in the future all discrimination will end and you will find yourself with a mentally retarded doctor who can do little more than drool at you as you bleed to death.
It will soon be time to play cowboys and muslims.

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Finally. I can get into an ivy league school now.  [Image: r4T40nP.gif]
I am an evil giraffe, and I shall eat more leaves from this tree than perhaps I should, so that other giraffes may die.

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