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Divine Justice
Assad is still the best friend Christians have in the arab world.
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(02-12-2020, 05:59 PM)Pure Rock fury Wrote:
(02-12-2020, 05:44 PM)Lily Wrote: Hasn't there been a war on religion all over the world? Seems to me Christian beliefs have been under attack for the last few years. Merry Christmas, removing God from schools etc. Granted punishment for religion here is not as bad as in China but it is still an attack on Christianity.

We are just noticing it more in the west.  This has been going on in Europe for at least a century. It wasn't the common philosophy, though, that the masses bought in to.  It has just recently become a mainstream way of thinking with politicians and (openly) news media since the 80's-90's when postmodernism became the ideology that was pushed hardcore.  Now we are seeing a second to third generation who have been indoctrinated in that from the cradle (with some) to their first day in school (with most) embrace it as they know nothing else.

The great floods. i63 re 1t36, re 1653. Wars all about. Sickness, Miasma..... No Knight armoured could fight for more than 3mins before completely gassing out. They either walked through and slaughtered in bloodlust the peasants or the whole chivalry thing BS.
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North Korea's treatment of those who worship Jesus instead of Kim is what you would expect from a sadistic communist dictator.
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Socialism and more directly, communism is a group think, hive mind view of the world. The Chinese have built a society of worker bees and drones. They want to spread that around the world and eliminate free thought and free will. To them, the person capable of free thinking is a threat to their world views. It threatens stability and it threatens their grip on absolute power. Punish those that question authority. I will always question autjhority because I am free thinking. I am capable of realizing that those in control are not higher beings. They have the same motivations and desires as everyone else. That makes them corruptible. If you are corruptible, you should have no absolute power over others.

All humans are corruptible. Humans are like water, the follow the path of least resistance. So, you end up with crooked rivers and crooked people. "Animal farm" was a kid's story but it was a pretty damn good example of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
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Look at natural populations of millions/billions.
Where do you find that? Beehives. Ant hives.
Communism is a function of the structure, I think.

2 billion freedoms?
America has problems with it's unruly 400 mil.
And what of india?

I look to Ancient Roman organization for best functional smaller units and cities. Human population density above a certain level, and we start to lose the best parts of our spirit for living.

Are the georgia guidestones right?
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Total collapse of China's economy is becoming a realistic possibility.
Economic declines on this scale usually take years.
I've never seen anything like this.
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(02-11-2020, 11:25 AM)Rick Farias Wrote: The Communist government in China is doing everything it can do to eliminate Christianity within China. Churches are destroyed. Christians who don't belong to Party approved churches are arrested and tortured. The Party approved churches aren't churches. Quotes from President Xi are read instead of Scripture. Pictures of Jesus are removed and replaced with pictures of Xi. The communists announced that they are producing their own translation of the Bible, that "corrects" the texts. Several years back I read a report about a home church pastor who was arrested. The arresting officers said he had to renounce Christianity. He wouldn't, so they cut off a finger. He still refused so they cut off another finger. I don't remember how many fingers they cut off.
Those of us who believe that Jesus is who he said he is aren't suprised by what's happening in China.

Pay heed to what is happening here in the US and our own churches.
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