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Disneyland StarWars Park is almost empty!
Don’t know if anyone is following the Disney debacle but the fans opinions are kind of telling. Apparently SJW politics is more important than good entertainment. I know I have walked away from Star Wars and Marvel myself but that’s me.

Watch this video that’s breaks it down. I don’t follow this guy but what a hoot! It does have some blue language though so be advised.

Antifa is the new Nazi Party!

-All Patriots
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Don't buy crap. Don't use crap. Don't listen to crap. Don't watch crap. Don't go to crap. Don't support crap. Don't believe crap.

You'll save a fortune! Starve the Beast!
"We fight for or serve America not because we hate our enemies but because we love our country. We absolutely love the freedoms that we cherish" General Michael T. Flynn.
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