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Dear diary
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(02-06-2019, 01:47 AM)Miscellaneous Wrote: Dear diary,
I really have to start my business up again.
Seeing 45 patients a day is just too much.
Seeing 9 patients a day , for 4 times the money you're making now, would really be fuxxing great.
Get off your dumb ass and do it already.


P.S. do that stuff you need to do, for that other stuff, before you forget, and bad stuff happens .

P.S.S. Buy the cake and booze for the work party on Thursday, tomorrow, or you will be too crazed Thursday morning to do it, and then you'll be late.

(someone remind me tomorrow,on here during the day, to do the pss. I'm so frigging busy, I will forget.seriously. Pm me and say DON'T FORGET TO BUY THE CAKE DUMB ASS. Much appreciated if you do)

@Miscellaneous buy the cake and booze!
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Dear Diary-

It has been a while since I wrote last. It is Spring and with spring comes spring-cleaning. Not only is the home sparkling but I have been cleaning out my life. The toxic shit, people and places are slowly being removed. Spring is a time for rebirth. I always feel so upbeat as the weather gets warmer and the sun on my face makes me glow.

Last week was National Pet Day. Thank goodness I stopped to spend the morning patting him and letting know how much I treasure our 4-legged family member. I found a tick on his neck. I was able to get it off but it was a reminder that I need to check him after every hike.

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