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Dang this ish is gettin real yall. My suv was repoed
Dees foos took my suv. I wuz bout to throw sum bows. I aint sum welfare bum. I gost me 2 job yall.
I work at White Castle and Walmart. I be honest I didn kno how to process wtf wuz goin on so I fainted in my driveway yall. Imma sue dat repo company for motional distress . It be da long weekend n stuff now I aint gost no whip to get me around. Mi girl wuz gonna do my hair n my nailz. I needs me a man to help me out wit mi billz. Naw yall don’t kno. I likest me sum patron n alize. I be honest I have me a 40 eree now n den. Now I aint gonna be able to take mi gurls out.
Pick up a bottle of Clase Azul Resposado...
Fucking useless trolls