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Dallas Police Chief: 'Criminals are FORCED to commit violence because Society gives them no choice'
(06-08-2019, 07:42 PM)hurchel Wrote: Well, All the top major law enforcement jobs in Dallas are held by Woomins…

Another reason for that excitement is that Hall is the first woman named the chief of the Dallas Police Department in the department’s 136-year history. And, along with Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson, the top three law enforcement jobs in Dallas County are all held by women from racial or ethnic minorities.


I can't say this is true in the case of Dallas police, but I remember a few years back, NYFD did not hire a bunch of white Trainees because they could not find enough minorities that were able to pass the tests, and they could not add more white boys without the right per cent of non-whites to keep the FD affirmative action balanced. So they went understaffed in the name of Social Justice.

I'm sure Dallas doesn't just want to hire cops...they need to hire a ethnically diverse / gender correct set of officers to ensure that stopping crime does not get placed as a more important value than social justice.
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