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Clinton acknowledges hard work ahead, frustrated by America’s ‘caricature’ of her
EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton acknowledges that Americans have a legitimate concern about her trustworthiness, particularly related to her email scandal and the Benghazi terror attacks, but criticized those who have attempted to undermine her Democratic presidential campaign and make a “caricature” out of her, in an exclusive interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

“I think that it's fair for Americans to have questions,” Clinton said, in an interview taped Saturday. “Every time I run for an office, though, oh my goodness, all of these caricatures come out of nowhere. And people begin to undermine me because when I left office as secretary of state, 66 percent of Americans approved of what I do.”

According to a Gallup poll cited by Poltifact, Hillary Clinton had a favorability rating of 64 percent when she left her role as secretary state in February 2013. Her rating declined following criticism over the deadly attack of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and her handling of emails while at the State Department.

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Just to be clear: I may or may not support the articles that i post here
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Yup.  I saw the interview whilst making breakast for the wife and kid this morning.  She deflected every question.  She said the FBI director said she didn't lie.  When shown the 4 clips where he said she did....deflect to, Well the overall picture."  This IS the overall picture being asked about.  
Asked about Clinton Foundation, it was deflected to Trump's tax returns, and Her daughter saying she was proud of her mother.
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Triggered, damnit!   When confronted with policy, she says President Obama is to be commended.  Then breaks down all that has gone wrong over the last 8 years.  When asked directly, "If it wasn't this administration to blame for that with policy, then who?"  She goes to the whole, "but Trump" defense.  Tired of both of them.  Trump needs to stay off the twitter.  He shoots himself in the foot.  Hillary needs to....meh....she just sucks.  No advice.  Folks don't see that she is not doing one thing on her merits.  Not one with campaigning.  She is bringing others in to speak to her merits for her and then saying, "See?  They like me.  They really really like me."
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