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CIA document shows ancient life on Mars
A declassified CIA document shows ancient life on Mars was "observed" by a remote viewer in 1984. Though impossible to verify, recent research on Martian geology supports the lone analyst's account that habitability was lost when the planet encountered a "geological problem."

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That was really bizarre. And it all came from an official document. 1dunno1
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Dick Allgire @rense.com
Striving for greatness and a pinnacle of honor
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That's some of that "men who stare at goats" stuff.

The End Justifies The Memes
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(11-07-2019, 08:24 PM)Ebmaj7#5 Wrote: That's some of that "men who stare at goats" stuff.

Yeah, sort of. Here is the FOIA released document regarding the analysis of the Gateway Program.

In the preliminary it is said that to understand the document properly a certain amount of the right side of the brain must be applied.

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I imagine if it was real it wood have been burned?
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An interesting book on this subject is "Penetration" by Ingo Swann.
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Peering beyond the shroud of the nephilim is not wise.
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The logical assumption is that they came to earth.
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(11-10-2019, 11:57 PM)SiDDriX Wrote: The logical assumption is that they came to earth.

[Image: 2ejZqbP.gif]

Mars = Vulcan

Think for yourself

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