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Cher on Immigration Crisis..

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It's nice of her to care so much for the homeless, many of them VETS, no less.

But I'm not so sure that she fully understands just exactly what she said.

If she and other brainless lefties reads the comments they might get a clue about what President Trump has been talking about for three years.

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Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough. * Groucho Marx.
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This just occurred to her?

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"The angels are singing, and one of them is a fat lady."
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Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough. * Groucho Marx.
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NIMBY, damnit! Get off my lawn!!!!

"Why don't you try speaking in words instead of your damn dirty lies?"
~Louise Belcher
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She should take some of those homeless drug addled losers into her compound to crap and piss on the lawn.
"One shitty decision away from disaster"
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For being a libtard she at least made sense in what she said, a little bit late, but at least it is true, Tke care of your own before you take care of some one else.

Now if we could get the other few million to see this and act with it, maybe we could stop the invasion.
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Cher whining about a bunch of gypsies, tramps and thieves.....
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(04-15-2019, 08:32 AM)Lobster Boy Wrote: She should take some of those homeless drug addled losers into her compound to crap and piss on the lawn.

Chuckle Ok, I'm laughing but it's not really with happiness. It was just the way you said that. I've heard that so much about the homeless and welllllll..... I can not say that statement is not actually factual. But.... And this is a big but..... Some of those people end up there through no fault of their own and they were not and some still are not drug addled losers. I have been homeless and I've known some homeless people. Before you get your panties in a wad, I am not trying to be mean or jump on you or anything. This is just some info for the masses and I'm using your statement to state them. Thank you BTW for giving me an opening.  Wink

Most of those vets on the streets did chose to be there because their life, as they thought life was, is over. They are disgusted with the themselves and us actually. For sending them there and lying to them. That's what I heard from the Vietnam vets. They could not live in 'normal' society anymore because they couldn't cope with it.

A whole lot of the homeless are homeless because they are actually ill. And not from drug or alcohol use. They have real mental problems and since the USA closed down most of the public/state mental wards, which were horrible places and really needed to be shut down as they were operated in horrible ways. But instead of throwing those people on the streets to mix and mingle and do weirdo crap, we should be institutionalizing those people. Want to know why the bag lady is usually left alone by the homeless? She's insane and they know it. It's the normal people that don't and try to mess with her by "helping" her. She doesn't want your help. She's insane. She wants to be left alone. She knows she stinks. It keeps people away.

Now I am not going to say that the junkies and alkies are not losers. They are. They did that to themselves but we don't know why. And there are so many reasons they started and once addicted.... It's very hard to stop addictions. Ask anyone that tried and failed to quit smoking cigarettes. If they make tobacco illegal or hard to get, black markets in tobacco open up. I watch that happen when the states raised the cigarette taxes.

Once you get down on your luck and end up in the streets, it's very, very hard to get off them. Welfare? Yeah, if you have a permanent address which the homeless do not have. The only address the homeless have is the county jail. It's hard to take a shower and wash your clothes so you can even look for a job.

It's hard to help an addict. That's because there is nothing you can help them with. They have to do it by themselves. And most fear the DT's from alcohol withdraw as those things can kill you. Dead.... Coming off meth or heroin is no where near as dangerous as getting off alcohol. Valiums and zanax will kill you during withdrawals too. These people need in house treatment for at least 3-6 months if not a year. And the insane need to be put away in hospitals for life or until they get over being insane which doesn't happen for most.

I have a schizo second cousin, my cousin's kid. He is in prison for attempted murder. He just went off on his best friend and beat him so bad his own mom did not recognize him. He also sodomized him and was digging the boy's grave in the boy's backyard when he was arrested for it. He thought he killed the boy but the boy crawled next door to his mom's and she called the law. Didn't let her son in because she didn't recognize him at all. And she was scared as shit of the bloody mess on her front porch. The family tried to get him committed because we knew he was dangerous as hell but there was no one that would take him. And it wasn't due to money because his granny had money. There was no bed for him. This is a problem.

These are your homeless.... Some of them just need some monetary help. Some of them need to be institutionalized.

A whole lot of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. And once they become homeless.... It's so much harder to get back on your feet than if you at least managed to keep a roof over your head. If you have a roof, you have some hope. Once you hit the streets, you lose hope rather fast. Most people have the attitude that the homeless are all losers. Some of them are not losers. They are just in a bad spot right now.

I guess that's all I have to say about that. Yes.... It's a thing of mine. I tend to defend the homeless because I've been there.

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