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Caught On Video: Islamist Mob Attacks Refugees In Greece "For Not Observing Ramadan"
Graphic video has emerged online showing a mob of baton-wielding Islamists attacking other Muslims in a refugee camp in Greece reportedly for not observing the Ramadan fast. Early unconfirmed Kurdish media reports claim 4 men were killed and many others injured as the group of attackers entered refugee tents with weapons Friday afternoon at a crowded camp in Moria on the eastern Aegean island of Lesbos.

However, initial Greek media reporting indicates authorities are refuting rumors of the deaths, instead only confirming large clashes between Arab and Kurdish asylum seekers which resulted in injuries and evacuations.

One Greek news broadcast showed seriously injured victims being carried out of the camp, while viral video of the attack itself appears to show up to three bloodied men lying motionless on the ground with attackers carrying large metal batons standing over them, which could suggest the early reports of fatalities are indeed accurate.

The UK-based Kurdish Solidarity Campaign said the men were brutally attacked by Islamists in the refugee camp specifically "for not observing Ramadan." The Kurdish rights group identified at least three Kurds among the dead, while Iraq-based Kurdistan 24 identified a 60-year old man as among those brutally beaten, his legs broken after being hit with metal bars.

Warning: graphic content


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