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C&B Tailgate ~ Campfire Covfefe ~ PARTY TONITE!
(5 hours ago)DaJavoo Wrote: End 1:  Swe: 3  US: 0

Note:  The NBC commentators are for shit ~ they say NOTHING.  Chuckle  (Not even the score.)

But I would suppose it's better to keep your trap shut and let folks think you're a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Obviously, NBC has no announcers expert on curling, nor have they tapped former pros to assist. Wanker
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Well, shit.

NBC's streaming is unable to 'verify' my provider's info and I'm locked out. No other live streams available without forking over a credit card. [Image: gaahvu5.gif]
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Q is back. Heartflowers
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(4 hours ago)Guest Wrote: Q is back. Heartflowers

Thanks for the heads-up ~ all posted! Cheer
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I see the covfefe crowd is gathering in the lobby...
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Women's Olympic Curling update...

Sweden bested the U.S. 9-6

The Koreans mopped the floor with the Danes 9-3

Swiss over Japanese 8-4

Canada beat the Russian Athletes 9-8

[Image: ygLDb7d.png]

Note: The scores for Canada & OAR have increased by 1 respectively in the above chart.
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The Grumpy Geezer's Signature Surprise.
Stay tuned to this Grump Channel as new programming will be added irregularly.

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Good morning happy campers! Heartflowers
"Temperamental Class"
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