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Bump if you're horny..
(10-24-2018, 01:31 AM)Terror Pins Wrote: Yes.
The thread was a full overreach.
I am the lowest demonibator.

[Image: pU9NiKH.gif]
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(10-24-2018, 01:29 AM)Cryptic Mole Wrote: At 64 that just doesn't seem that important anymore!

I much rather take a late afternoon nap instead!  Chuckle

However, you still get the bump. Just not for the reasons you're expecting.  Wink

Buy some maca powder.. its amazing.. Wink

Then have a nap after you Wanker

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Wrong thread.
My bad.
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You can all just kiss off into the air.

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[Image: P1rm3wa.png]
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(10-24-2018, 02:12 AM)ElectricElvis Wrote:
(10-24-2018, 01:44 AM)phxsparks Wrote:
(10-23-2018, 11:44 PM)ElectricElvis Wrote: [Image: OXYWqPe.gif]

Prior to the Ed Sullivan show which I remember, he had been referred to as "Elvis The Pelvis".  By his detractors.  So, Ed in his common sense instructed the cameras to stay above his belt line.  And it worked, the people went wild and the American Puritan values were not subjugated..  lol

[Image: KuCwj3V.gif]

"It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled."
- Mark Twain
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I've posted this before,

But I mean it way more than ever before.

Don't spite me.

Horny is as horny does.

Those tears are real.

I remain here unviolated.
I hope that this doesn't mean we can't be friends anymore...

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(10-24-2018, 02:26 AM)Unhinged Pins Wrote: You can all just kiss off into the air.

[Image: RcfsqcE.gif]
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[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3875940]
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(10-24-2018, 03:09 AM)... Wrote: [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3875940]

Did you mean yesterday.

Yes, I think it was yesterday that you meant.

Memes get outdated quickly.

Ain't nobody got...
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