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Branson in bed with Saudi
Richard Branson to invest in Saudi Red Sea project: govt
AFP AFP 8 hours ago

Virgin airlines founder Richard Branson will invest in a Red Sea project that aims to turn 50 Saudi Arabian islands into luxury tourism destinations, the Saudi government announced on Sunday.

Branson is the first international investor to commit to the project, Saudi Arabia's information ministry said, in what officials called "a clear sign that Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to international tourism".

Branson also visited the tombs at Madain Saleh -- an UNESCO World Heritage site located near a string of new hotels -- in a trip to the Gulf kingdom that appears to be aimed at attracting further international attention, both investment and tourism.

"This is an incredibly exciting time in the country's history and I've always felt that there's nothing like getting a firsthand impression," Branson said in a statement released by the information ministry.

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Smart guy.. sounds like a smart thing to invest in..
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They look like beautiful islands..

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