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Black Girls Taunt White Man, Attack Him, and ...
(02-12-2019, 04:15 PM)Fossy Wrote: You are so right! I saw a black lady a couple of days ago and she had the most perfect, beautiful fro I’ve ever seen.  It was gorgeous! I just wanted to touch it.  She may or may not have been offended if I were to ask, so I didn’t of course but  that’s the exact moment I realized my white privilege.  

Any non white race can acknowledge my whiteness without fear of it being taken the wrong way.
I would have been flattered if a black woman complimented my hair and wanted to touch it.   My white privilege affords me ‘a lack of offense’  if someone points out my differences.  I dig it.

if you ever asked to touch any part of me I'd be more than willing to allow you @Fossy
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(02-13-2019, 08:52 AM)Winter Steelheader Wrote: You people should see the inner city of Toronto Canada. It's turning into Chicago. Non-stop black on black shootings. More and more every year.  Every morning I wake up to the news of another stabbing and shooting. I'm glad I live waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the hell away from Toronto.

The stupid mayor of Toronto wants to ban handguns in the city of Toronto, and all of the firearms owners are getting really pissed off about it. The moron thinks by banning handguns in the city that it's going to fix the problem of gang shootings.  For fuck sakes, the moron has no idea how much you have to go through to get a firearms license in Canada and how much you are vetted. Any person who legally owns a handgun or any other firearm that is of Restricted classification is ran through the RCMP's system every 24 hours. Since all Restricted firearms are registered. The guns used in these fucking shootings are not from legal gun owners, they are from criminal rapper thugs that obtain their weapons illegally.

This thug rap culture is a major problem in my opinion. It makes me fucking sick.

Exact same problem here. Libs and leftists seem to not have the logic program installed in that cavern on top of their shoulders.
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THAT was a HUGE 11 Year OLD!
I am Calling BULLSHIT On That KIDS Age!

Those were Feral TEENS, DAMN Megacites
Have Feral Teens Loose Everywhere.
The Teens swarm you and attempt to grab
your wallet and bags from shopping!

They are Bands of rabid feral robbers.
They try to confuse you with numbers
then they strike and grab your stuff.
[Image: ERV6PXM.gif]
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You know, back in the era before Obama, we got along. I really think if it hadn’t been for him stoking racial hatred it would be such a kinder gentler time right now. We didn’t have a lot of black people in our town but we were all friends! I’m still friends with some of them that are on Facebook and I miss others terribly, idk where they are. :(
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I just don’t really care what your color is, I’m more interested in people’s customs legends, food, the things their lives are made of and being able to make a friend with someone different than me, we learn cool things that way. There isn’t a baby of any color that doesn’t make me smile. I don’t want to hold babies but that doesn’t make me racist and yes I’ve held a few babies, my Hubby’s fam is Mormon I have nieces and nephews I don’t even know but I have held some of them, whoever they were. :chuckle;
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