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bill clinton discovers his "inner child"
Favorite part of the night, Bill? Clinton discovers his inner child as he plays with the 110,000 balloons dropped at end of DNC celebration

His wife became the first woman to be nominated for president on a major party's ticket. And his daughter Chelsea gave a passionate speech as she introduced her. But one of Bill Clinton's most enjoyable parts of the last night of the Democratic convention was when 110,000 balloons dropped to the stage.  The former president smiled with delight as he discovered his inner child and played in front of delegates at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 



[Image: 36B06F8100000578-0-image-a-41_1469770633136.jpg]
[Image: udaopl9e0ff.gif]
[Image: ptbaf.jpg]

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i would react that way too i think..tons of confetti and balloons everywhere. what would it be like? first female president? hmm
[Image: udaopl9e0ff.gif]
[Image: ptbaf.jpg]

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Looks like his little girlfriend from the Epstein Island has a red balloon.
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