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fvck that
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All the Boston marathon pro hoax videos are gone

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fvck that
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(11-08-2018, 09:54 PM)VonLud Wrote:
(11-08-2018, 07:01 PM)Seeker22 Wrote:
(11-08-2018, 06:36 PM)VonLud Wrote: This made me think.

I have never relied on digital media to inform me, but I can see how that is the trend.

Electrons are so ethereal that it never occurred to me to put much stock in them.

Computers are meant for video games and various diversions.

Not meant to store the collected knowledge of humanity.

"Who Turned out the Lights?"

Snake Pliskin?
Computers are a tool. They help you do a job. If that job is archiving data, learn everything out there about how that happens and how that data can be manipulated or taken away from you. Don't trust what you read online. Do that, but go to the local college and ask the computer science profs questions. Ask the people who design and build the storage systems you are using. Make sure the information you collect agrees. Go the further yard to keep what you have so carefully collected. There are people out there who have gone the further yard to take it from you. Roll Hard.

Did Snake say that?

Ask @Octopus Prime

A computer is designed to fuck you in the arse.

No, Snake didn't say that. He unplugged the world at the end of the movie and New York went dark. I stood up in the theater and cheered. As did many others that day.
“Lord, let me sit in the furthermost reach of your kingdom, right there at the border but... where your light still reaches and I will be content..."

   Amazing to read that. I've often thought I'd rather live in God's Trailer Park or in a hut made of sticks on the fringes of God's Heaven than in any Hollywood mansion or castle built for an earthly Lord.  -beggar

From my favorite Blog ever:
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I find that I am going more and more retro when it comes to computers. Thinking of starting up a BBS on a Raspberry pi full of old apps, books and stuff.....

Who knows.

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External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drives.
Never ever USE CLOUD Anything!
Librarian  likes this!
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