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Beto For President is trending on Twitter.

[Image: D1l_FOWWwAAKdsx.jpg:large]https://twitter.com/hashtag/BetoForPresident?src=tren

Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm
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They want "Beta" for Pres.....
No better soy boy can be found.
"I will not go quietly into the night"
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Did he ask Hillary for permission to run ?
If not, he could be in big trouble.......
"I will not go quietly into the night"
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Tramps like us.....
Baby I was born to run....

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He won't be 'trending' for long.

His scandalous past is going to catch up to him.

He should have taken the money...bought a new shirt...and hid.

Dear Winter,
I am breaking up with you.
I think it is time I start seeing other seasons.

p.s. Summer is hotter than you
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We'll get teenagers voting for him because they think he is cute.



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[Image: T8Zw2uH.jpg]
If society fell apart, we - the people would build a new one. Most people are good at their core, and when we see things that are wrong we work to fix them together. Make friends with your neighbors, get involved with your community - because we will rebuild our lives, our communities, from horrible circumstances we always will.
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(03-14-2019, 05:10 AM)Angry Red Man Wrote: https://twitter.com/hashtag/BetoForPresident?src=tren

[Image: D1l_FOWWwAAKdsx.jpg:large]https://twitter.com/hashtag/BetoForPresident?src=tren

Facepalm  Facepalm  Facepalm

Trending among the very elect of the very most stupid.

Because you can't fix stupid.

Beta O rube is the candidate of the very most stupid mouf breaving nincompoopf's.....

If you are a big enouf butthole... Deen you will vote for dis utter dickbaggery..

Go ahead... Show us how stupid you are... You stupid dickbaggs!!!

God damn you all... Go ahead ya dumb assholze!!

Think for yourself
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