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Battlfield V SJW Edition
Looks like EA have decided what we can and cannot say now. This getting ridiculous.

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This is a problem I've been talking about for years.

A "private" company is a huge excuse for many people to decide that since these people own this infrastructure that they can decide a persons human rights.

Deciding that a place of business has to have a certain decorum is not the problem. Hire people who feel the same way, and truck on man.

No the problem is the growing invasiveness of business who check social media, and decide what an employee(especially non salary) is saying OFF WORK.

These large corporation are incorporated by the state and/or feds. This partnership is fascist at its roots, as that was the original definition of fascism, and the methodology of enforcement as is todays definition is in force and growing today.

No, I do not support communism either.

However, the state and often the feds are making laws based on morality, and not based on how to serve the liberty of the people. And how do they do that? Sometimes the best decision is to not make a decision. Liberty, and justice matters more than people being happy, especially small groups or specific voting blocks being happy.

At what point do we say, these companies censoring ideas is enough? Why should a company that owns a specific property be in control of peoples speech who are not employees, and not functioning in relation to the company?

Illegal or illicit behavior in one thing, but demanding a certain speech pattern or be censored, that is a direct infringement on your human right to freedom of speech.

The bill of RIGHTS, is based on NATURAL RIGHTS, and so human rights.
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