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Barbara Bush in "failing health" and refusing further hospital treatment
My dad died recently from lung cancer. The tumor wrapped itself around his major bronchial airway. They had to give him mass doses of morphine, so he wasn't able to communicate but he passed quickly and relatively comfortable ( we were there for most of the time). He never once looked like the typical lung cancer patient. He insisted on goint to hospice before he passed and in our case was very positive.

I don't though wish that on anyone. But.........Barbara Bush has done some terrible things in her treatment of other mere mortals which will be rewarded in the afterlife (IMO) My dad was a harsh man but treated every other person on this earth decently and was a giver. BB is an elite and never forgets to remind people of that.

God rest her soul.
"Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember--the only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you." --Zig Ziglar
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It appears even spell-casting and adrenochrome have their limits. Imagine her stress married to that criminal and birthing those idiots, knowing her pearls resided in their proper jewelry caskets, depending on the occasion, and keeping up the public motherly mien. Bet you what, her husband goes soon, too. Their lives have nothing but embarrassment ahead, and behind. Good time to depart.

Do none of the elite go the alternative/holistic route or does it go against their stock portfolios?
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