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Are beans really a magical fruit?
(01-16-2020, 11:28 AM)Tac Wrote: Has anyone as an experiment crushed/ground uncooked dry beans and then boiled the ground beans to see if that might be an acceptable way took make them cook faster and make something like refried bean base?

Just a wild idea that popped from my pea brain.

Nah I usually crock pot my beans (navy or pinto) with salt pork or fat back

We'll have a dinner with them as soup beans with fried potatoes and cornbread and stick them in the fridge

a day or so later (for pintos), I'll drop them in a skillet with some bacon grease, minced garlic, chili powder and cumin and make some refried beans.

my refried beans are way better than anything you are going to get in a can and takes nothing to make once the beans are already cooked.

I have a weird masher thing my wife got from pampered chef that we use to make course mashed potatoes and...refried beans. It basically chops and mashes at the same time. It has 5 spiral-like plastic blades you press down in whatever you are smashing and it cuts and squishes at the same time

I don't like my refried beans to be just paste, I like them to be sort of half beans and paste
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