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Anybody have a link to the IMF (interplanetary magnetic field ) real time data ?
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This was the link


Here is a YT with some of that extinct info..

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I found it ! or as close to the nict model anyways .

https://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/ then select magnetosphere\ then goto page 9 \ third one in from the left \ I believe this is the linkI dont know if it will link though . but follow those instructions to get to it . javascript:createCygnet(581)
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[Image: RCrD1yK.gif]

or this
[Image: oXQURfT.gif]
what is it that you are actually want to know
just asking?
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top one yes. its the closest to the nict model . on nasa iswa site link I posted its animated too!
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so bow shock it is..
is that correct

are you Terral Black Star trying to get some data...

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Sun stuff

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