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Anomalous Concentration of Methane Vents Discovered at the Northern Cascadia Margin
I Sailed out of Juan De Fuca , on our way to the Maquesas and then down to Bora Bora
for a Polynesian Odyssey for the experience only .

No True Destination Known ,

At the point of the Compass , I Tacked South , within a few knots , we were swamped with the intense heinous stench
of rotting booty scabs or something mindful as that .

Now , two decades later , I have my answer as to what caused the Stench .
Thanks for this information .

oh , and btw ,
I've not been able to grow Nose Hairs since that Stench in the Trench .

just observation you understand .

[Image: Moro-Cay-011.jpg]
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Isnt there a theory of methane vents causing ships to go missing?

Gonna google that....
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Debunking of the methane bubble ship sinking thing....lol

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