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angry because she had to use the rear door
(02-14-2020, 09:23 PM)maxie Wrote:
(02-14-2020, 09:16 PM)FallingDown Wrote:
(02-14-2020, 09:05 PM)maxie Wrote: That's me too
If you succeeded to make me mad run for your life, hell is not even a place to hide
[Image: satan-devil-she-icon.png]

Hell hath no fury ...,,

That’s it y’all don’t need a reason or a weapon .

Right now i am reading your signature and you are so right with that sentence
And by the way it takes a lot to make me mad so you can feel free to come closer [Image: Emoticon-Wink-icon.png]

My sarcasm gets a little hard and goes a bit overboard sometimes.

So just so you know .

People who reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite.

“I can’t be around people who take everything I say seriously. I’m not being mean, I’m just sarcastic as hell and I like to joke around. Why are you crying?”

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