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American Flag Backlash Could Hurt ‘First Man’ at the Box Office
“This is total lunacy,” tweeted the Republican senator Marco Rubio. “The American people paid for that mission, on rockets built by Americans, with American technology & carrying American astronauts. It wasn’t a UN mission.”
The actor James Woods weighed in: “Omitting the seminal moment in the midst of mankind’s greatest achievement seems a purposeful denigration of the 400,000 Americans who accomplished it.” The conservative columnist Bill Kristol called it a “foolish and pernicious falsification of history”. Even Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong’s Apollo 11 crewmate, tweeted two pictures of himself standing on the moon next to the stars and stripes, annotated with hashtags including #proudtobeanAmerican, #freedom, #honor and #onenation.

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(10-11-2018, 01:02 AM)MaximalGravity Wrote: China prepares for manned moon landing

China appears to be nearing its dream to put a man on the moon, with an official saying this week that it would “not take long” before Beijing approved a manned lunar project.
Yang Liwei, deputy director general of China Manned Space Agency, said China is making "preliminary preparations" for a manned lunar mission, state media said.
China confirmed in 2016 its intentions to carry out the mission – which was been touted in recent years one of the key targets of its ambitions plans for space exploration.
But officials speaking at the Global Space Exploration Conference in Beijing this week have gave a clear indication that planning has begun.


Been there.
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The right wingers will love it since they hate America
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I can’t see what the problem is having the American flag shown..

Foreigners wouldn’t give a shit. It is what it is..
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I hate when they remake movies like this and change the plot.

Still not as bad as what they did to Clash of the Titans when they remade that one.
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That is one small scene for (a) movie, one giant exposition for Hollywood.
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(10-11-2018, 07:12 AM)Guest Wrote: The right wingers will love it since they hate America

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American Flag patches removed from space suits too..

"According to that meeting, he learned that they had consciously made the decision to either reposition or remove American flags from the blue flight suits that the astronauts wore from day to day so that it would not be visible. The image on the right, from the movie, illustrates this, as the American flag was almost always sewn into the upper left shoulder of these suits.
The filmmakers also purposely repositioned the flag or filmed angles for many scenes that acted to obscure the flag on the astronauts’ white pressure suits.
The reasons the filmmakers gave for doing this was to enhance their foreign ticket sales.
To this I say, baloney. They might have had this financial excuse, but I think this holds little or no weight. By willingly admitting that they hid the flag in this petty way they have confirmed their political agenda, their desire to convince the world that this mission was not an American achievement but a “human achievement.” Both the film’s Canadian star as well as its director have made it clear they have a globalist vision of the Apollo program, and wanted to spread the credit of its achievement to all humanity. Consciously hiding the flag in this small-minded manner demonstrates their political motives."
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'Proud to be American': SECOND man on the Moon Buzz Aldrin shames Neil Armstrong biopic for not showing planting of US flag with his own patriotic pics after movie portrayed him as 'obnoxious loudmouth'
First Man, starring Ryan Gosling, opened the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday
The film chronicles Neil Armstrong's life from 1961 to the Moon landing in 1969
Critics noted it leaves out the moment Armstrong plants a US flag on the Moon
Gosling explained that the achievement 'transcended countries and borders'

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.
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How did it do this weekend against the other two popular films that were already out a week?
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