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AMAZING VID -“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists - Copperfield, Angel, Blaine, etc.
This is truly one of the most interesting and amazing videos I've ever seen. I never had much interest in stage magic myself because I just thought it was all illusions and tricks, deception. Well done maybe but just not meaningful to me. Although for several years I used to watch the Chris Angel show Mindfreak, and he was amazing. Not like a regular stage magician, but more like someone with actual supernatural powers. I forgot about it though.

Until I saw this amazing video that features MANY different magicians and shows some of their most bizarre and mystifying stunts. The point of the video is the poster thinks they have REAL SUPERNATURAL POWERS and are using demons or spirits to accomplish these feats. He's highly Christian so I can understand where he's coming from - I do have to say I agree that these are not "tricks"- that actual supernatural abilities are being displayed - but I have to wonder if these are talents many of us may have that they have somehow learned to develop. Especially with the aid of hypnosis. I don't think everything is "demonic".

One of the most interesting types of magicians he features are the Chinese face changers, which I've never seen before. These fellows (only about 200 in all of China) wear a costume with a mask and they can change the mask and sometimes the entire costume INSTANTLY and at will with no evidence of being able to store these on their person. It is AMAZING.

People are capable of far more than we imagine.....I hope this entertains, it IS long though, I broke it up into a few viewing sessions. Enjoy and wonder!

“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists - Demonic Activity Caught On Video (New Edition)

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One of the most interesting feats that several magicians display - especially Criss Angel who levitates Shaq O'Neal over a HOUSE - is LEVITATION....the idea that someone can just float without support and not in one spot only, but actually move around, makes me wonder if people might be able to fly if the mechanism were understood. Perhaps it relates to hypnosis as that seems to be how these levitation stunts start. Absolutely amazing.

Maybe we can't do things.....because we don't BELIEVE we can. We've had that ingrained in our beliefs about reality for so long that we've become imprisoned in our minds - we don't know how powerful we might be able to be with belief, technique and tutoring.
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On another note, some magicians like Penn and Teller seem to pride themselves on atheism or not believing in anything. I have to wonder if that's like the Satanists who say they're really "atheists" because they want to throw people off. Many magicians have attacked spiritualism and mediumship, psychics in the past (and there are a lot of fake ones of course) and I wonder if it's because they don't like competition or people unwittingly giving away secrets. The ruling class always likes to keep real knowledge and technology SECRET AND LIMITED TO A FEW.
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I believe it is cleverness, forced perspective, and slight of hand.
Much like government.
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(02-12-2019, 03:59 PM)PickleSnout Wrote: I believe it is cleverness, forced perspective, and slight of hand.
Much like government.

LOL!!!! That's what I think we're inclined to believe, but if you watch the video (in parts as it's so long).....I don't know if you'll come to that conclusion. It really is full of stunts that I cannot imagine how they could physically be done without the aid of powers beyond our usual conscious ones....those we would call supernatural (but are just dormant and untrained). The face changers and the levitations are particularly amazing to me, but there are many others. I can just find no explanation...it's not like they have something up their sleeves, sometimes there is NO sleeve!
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