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6 Black Helicopters are continually flying over my neighborhood
Maybe something like ...

Robin Sage ???

– Unconventional Warfare Exercise

[Image: T8DOHQn.png]

The U.S. Army Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) culminates in an Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise known as Robin Sage. The students, prospective Green Berets, enter into the exercise after many long months of intensive training. The exercise is conducted in the hills of Western North Carolina. The scenario places the detachment in the fictional country of Pineland and the mission is to assist the resistance movement in the defeat of the forces occupying Pineland.

The exercise is conducted by the Special Forces schoolhouse [1] located at Fort Bragg, NC with assistance from other Army units (such as the 82nd Airborne Division) from Fort Bragg and elsewhere. The supporting military units fill the role of opposing forces (the bad guys) and members of the guerrilla band (good guys). The schoolhouse is assisted by local residents and defense contractors [2] who provide support and perform duties as role players.

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Drove under one once . Back Road after the Northridge Earthquake . Had Military Engineers rushing through the Metro System rails out to Palmdale . That one Freeway Overpass , made famous by the CHP Motor COP riding off to doom , cut L. A. Basin off from the High Desert and the Low .

Had to stop as the copter was blocking half the road down to one lane . Appears to be a very dark Forrest Green with Regulation Number and Insignia . Whole thing then covered in a Matt Charcoal fogging layer . You can ' t see the numbers from about 15 feet away .

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I know over by us (between Dallas and Fort Worth) they were running night time military drills for a few weeks. My Next Door app has been full of old people bitching about the low flying helicopters waking them at 11 pm. Chuckle
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