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US Navy confirms lies about 5G radiation

Governmental conduct that produces these extreme consequences to the populace profoundly violates the public trust between the governed and the government. Furthermore, such malfeasance and misconduct irrevocably break the social contract between We the People and the U.S. Federal Government. The sacred covenant between the U.S citizenry and its government has, essentially, been rent asunder.

Perhaps this is why the Government-Corporate Complex has foisted the 5G roll-out on the country without any of the required research; they already possess the irrefutable and quite damning evidence.


The wireless industries took over the FCC, historic 5G lawsuit under way.
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China's strategy against America...5G


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Do they really need 5G? It's already causing enough problems as it is?
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(02-15-2019, 12:16 PM)PickleSnout Wrote: I can feel when bluetooth accidentally gets turned on with my devices. It feels like someone is slowly cooking me. 5g should be nightmarish if what I read here is true. Technically, I am not alarmed, but I do not like the saturation pattern going on. I guess I want the choice.
I am glad to be rural, at least we will get it last. If it really does suck for humans, maybe they won't put it in at all?
A girl can dream...

No way can you sense it and 5G isn't harmful. It's release will kill the old school communication and data transference businesses. It will put power in your hand.
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I've been reading up on this a little. This is a good vid to understand just what 5G is


Not everything you need to know of course, but a good layman's explanation.

I've sort of been thinking that 5G is not for us, though of course we can utilize it. 5G is for AI and the IoT.
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Dish the satellite company is going to be the biggest wireless company? Gonna merge with T-Mobile-Sprint-RadioShack...

But it's going to pay some billions to the government (not a penalty?) if it doesn't dominate 70% of the planet with 5G by 2025.

What did I miss here?

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