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1,700 Suspected Child Sex Predators Arrested
(06-13-2019, 07:08 AM)TomBoy Wrote: Mornin' @FlyoverCountry @Pure Rock Fury

Found This:

Morrissey defends Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, blames victims of sexual assault

Quote:Morrissey thinks the victims of sexual assault should have been prepared for what happened to them.

The former the Smiths frontman went on the defense for Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, both of whom have been accused of sexual assault.

"All at once everyone is guilty. Anyone who has ever said to someone else, 'I like you,' is suddenly being charged with sexual harassment. You have to put these things in the right relations," he told German newspaper Der Spiegel.

"Of course, there are extreme cases. Rape is disgusting. Every physical attack is repulsive. But we have to see it in relative terms. Otherwise, every person on this planet is guilty. We cannot permanently decide from above what we are allowed to do and what we cannot do. Because then we are all trapped. Some people are very awkward when it comes to romance anyway. They do not know what to do and then their behavior is aggressive."

Morrissey has a tough time figuring out the difference between right and wrong, and he's elected...



He only won the primary so far but in a state with that Governor he'll probably be elected
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(06-13-2019, 07:35 AM)FlyoverCountry Wrote: He only won the primary so far but in a state with that Governor he'll probably be elected

I can't figure it out, it's a wonder to me that it's even possible... Yes, still SMH!

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Have run across more info: the normalization of pedophilia AND child protective services information. Only problem is I am out driving around, can only post from my iPhone, and that won't do... Will be back to add it this afternoon... See Ya Then!

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K, Here We Go...

I get regular emails from SkywatchTV. (This link addresses satanic abuse in Scotland). This morning's topic was the normalization of paedophilia:

Quote:While Royal Family Kids Camps are underway at Whispering Ponies Ranch to help and heal children of abuse, at SkyWatch TV a disturbing headline highlights the growing push to normalize pedophilia and child rape as “natural and normal”-- a highly disturbing (demonic in our opinion) effort made by academics at a conference held by the University of Cambridge…

The email links to this article:

Paedophilia is natural and normal for males
How some university academics make the case for paedophiles at summer conferences

(written in 2014, 3 years after the death of Jimmy Savile, this article is linked to highlight SkyWatchTV's theme, the normalization of pedophilia.)

Quote:"Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.”

Some yellowing tract from the Seventies or early Eighties, era of abusive celebrities and the infamous PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange? No. Anonymous commenters on some underground website? No again.

The statement that paedophilia is “natural and normal” was made not three decades ago but July [2014]. It was made not in private but as one of the central claims of an academic presentation delivered, at the invitation of the organisers, to many of the key experts in the field at a conference held by the University of Cambridge.

Other presentations included “Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis,” and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.”

Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14-year-olds.

[An] attendee, and enthusiastic participant from the floor, was one Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalisation of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange. “Wonderful!” he wrote on his blog afterwards. “It was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular!”

Last week, after the conviction of Rolf Harris, the report into Jimmy Savile and claims of an establishment cover-up to protect a sex-offending minister in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, Britain went into a convulsion of anxiety about child abuse in the Eighties. But unnoticed amid the furore is a much more current threat: attempts, right now, in parts of the academic establishment to push the boundaries on the acceptability of child sex.
With the Pill, the legalisation of homosexuality and shrinking taboos against premarital sex, the Seventies was an era of quite sudden sexual emancipation. Many liberals, of course, saw through PIE’s cynical rhetoric of “child lib”. But to others on the Left, sex by or with children was just another repressive boundary to be swept away – and some of the most important backing came from academia.

In 1981, a respectable publisher, Batsford, published Perspectives on Paedophilia, edited by Brian Taylor, a sociology lecturer at Sussex University, to challenge what Dr Taylor’s introduction called the “prejudice” against child sex. Disturbingly, the book was aimed at “social workers, community workers, probation officers and child care workers”.

The public, wrote Dr Taylor, “generally thinks of paedophiles as sick or evil men who lurk around school playgrounds in the hope of attempting unspecified beastliness with unsuspecting innocent children”. That, he reassured readers, was merely a “stereotype”, both “inaccurate and unhelpful”, which flew in the face of the “empirical realities of paedophile behaviour”. Why, most adult-child sexual relationships occurred in the family...

[Image: GmQ1Vz4.png]
Jimmy Savile exploited the trust of a nation for his own vile purposes

So. The web of perverts is widespread. They hold positions of power, high up the chain of command, and are found in every facet of today's society. Government. Check. Education. Check. Medicine. Check. They are very well organized. And from this (and a lot of other stuff we've seen around - e.g. Joe Biden for President) we know it is their agenda to normalize deviant desire and the behavior it takes to pursue it.

Fringe Threads relating to the normalization of deviant behavior (just a few):
10-year-old boy poses in drag with nude man: How is this not child porn?
STOP Transgender
First Sex Doll Brothel in North America to Open in Toronto
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One may ask why a post about Child Protective Services is included here.  Well, the title of this thread is CHILD SEX PREDATORS, and from the reports I've been hearing, CPS is exactly that, predator of children.  

John B Wells hosts CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT, which is an excellent source of news and information.  He does have a YouTube channel, where he posts daily news, but it probably won't be up for long (according to John):

John B. Wells The ONLY Official CTM Channel

Caravan to Midnight is my go to source for the news each day!  You can subscribe to his website for very low prices and gain access to an amazing amount of information.  His guests are superb, top-notch, brilliant, the best, and his archives are vast.  CTM is my go to source for the news. Can't get this kind of summary any other way...

Yesterday, John interviewed Olivia Pleasant.  Such an excellent interview:

Quote:Tonight we are joined by first-time guest Olivia Pleasant to discuss the recent deaths of Senator Schaefer and Senator Collin-Smiths in relation to CPS investigations, revealing the bribes, payoffs and kick backs, falsified documents and other things going on within the CPS system, CASA, Judges in conflict of interest and even more.

Here is her website:

I recommend Research & Stances/Investigate & Reform CPS.
Great information and downloads are available there.

John has given me permission to pubish this audio file:

This interview is approximately 90 minutes and well worth the listen.

Now we can add JUDICIAL to the list of segments in our society that harbor powerful pedophiles. Are we getting the idea they are everywhere?

CPS wants your children.  You are at risk for any number of reasons.  If they target you, you need to listen to Olivia...

BTW, there is an effort to privatize Child Protective Services across our country.  Some states have already passed legislation to do so.  We've seen the damage done to our prison system. The perps are making big money off such ventures.  

CPS is part of the big web of predators, and it has done real damage.  Children that have been removed from their homes have been farmed out for sex, abused and damaged in horrid ways. Some have even lost their lives.  Again, for survivors, the scars barely heal over a lifetime.

My hope and prayer is that the focus will turn in this direction soon.  We see above that whistleblowers are being suicided.  There is serious deep state support to this incredibly evil segment of our society.

I trust the new sheriff in town.  I pray the DEPT of Justice and Trump will turn in this direction soon.

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Thought I'd drop this here.

God Bless and Protect You, Craig! Good news from you today!

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