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11 Children Rescued from Nightmarish Heavily Armed Remote Compound in New Mexico: Training them to be school shooters
That is one of the most fucking outrageous things I've read in a long time. Didn't the judge give one thought of consideration for the children? Fuck muslims. Why is it always their rights and not their victims' rights? I hope that judge gets her just reward for her fantastically stupid PC court ruling very soon.

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Authorities tell @KOB4 all #TaosCounty buildings on main plaza being evacuated because of credible threat. This is one day after #TaosCounty Judge Sarah Backus releases all 5 #NMCompound suspects on bond. Officials say Backus getting personal threats.
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New Mexico compound judge has history of issuing low bail to violent offenders

Judge threatened following decision to release Amalia defendants, courts issue statement

The "judge" IS a Democrat.
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Stupid NM judge is turning them loose until the trial! people are so pi#####D off they had to close the court house as the judge is getting threats!! serves her correctly!! what a dumb-ass
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In this video, Jason Bermas brings you a short documentary about the very bizarre case in New Mexico regarding the compound raid and subsequent release of what many people believe are extremists. The case is far from over but some of the base facts are exposed here for the very first time.
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