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☯ Severe Recession Alert: The TSP Indicator is showing a strong signal and possible severe recession approaching...
So quiet. Even on zh.
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(01-04-2019, 09:23 PM)WNC Wrote:
(01-04-2019, 07:03 PM)BadBrad Wrote: Not so fast. Before everyone sings the "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy"
song, We ain't outta the woods yet. Okay, the BLS pulled some of
their usual crazy numbers our of their butts. The DJIA and markets
go wild and zip upward. The Feds state they will think carefully before
raising interest rates, the markets go wild and rally big time. But.....

[Image: Dw-FSCFKU8-AAx-QQ-1.jpg]


Looks like the same old game playing to me. Next week about this time,
someone on the Feds will catch a cold and the markets will go down.
Pension plans: be afraid, very afraid.

Do not be fooled by the likes of Zerohedge and such, business is doing great. A simple indicator is the number of semi's on the road. What do you see around you?

I see the price of food in the grocery store store has gone up between 20% and 25% in the last 14 days and it's getting harder and harder to afford to eat.
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