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“The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
Here you have it folks, proof that God was a man.

Jehovah is a Man of war, Jehovah is His name. Back in Exodus 6:2-3, God told Moses that He would reveal Himself in a far more personal and intimate way than He had to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The patriarchs of old had definitely come to know some of the aspects of God’s attributes, but what Moses and the Hebrews would learn of Him on the Exodus march was unprecedented. He is the God of my fathers, the line preceding Exodus 15:3 declares, but he is my LORD, my Jehovah.

One of the very first qualities of God revealed to the Hebrews is that the Lord is a “Man of war.” It is striking that the Israelites would ever choose the term Man to describe God at all (the terminology is, in fact, identical in the Hebrew: “Man of war” rather than “God of war” is the intent even in the original). To employ an anthropomorphism, to ascribe human attributes to the Living God is indeed a peculiar thing to find right in the middle of a poetic hymn exalting the strength and majesty of the Lord. For the Christian to speak of God in human terms is not strange at all; we know the Humanity as well as the Deity of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. But it is an unexpected thing to find in this earliest of Jewish literature.

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FFS can we stop with all the religious threads this is NOT GLP or LOP...
"I don't know everything, I know just enough to know that I know nothing - which is just a little more than those who think they know anything!"

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I guess I just ended the religious debate.
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Perhaps don't use bible quotes to try and enlighten us OP. Personally I view the bible as an interesting piece of ancient literature. It speaks to, at best, about some peoples recollections (or retellings most often) of tales real and imagined and can help give us a sense and history of the times from which it draws.

It doesn't provide evidence for the existence of a god and the constant interpretation of it from that perspective, gets quite frankly, silly.

If you insist on quoting it you should perhaps start by proving it is the word of god. Until then it can hardly be used to enlighten us about him/her/it.

Back to you.
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The text speaks for itself, it's quite clear who and what God is.
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the subforum!
"Why don't you just speak with your words instead of your damn dirty lies?"
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(02-13-2018, 01:16 AM)Pure Rock Fury Wrote: Take.
the subforum!

We are fresh out of those Chuckle
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