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{Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019


The Goddess

Sound off. Sensors On.

Antimatter shields are... UP!

Palms to the sky she climbs the air.

Can you see it there just under her feet?


RE: {Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019

With a glance the Mermaids fled the shore

With a breath the ships passed to the other side of the world

With a stare the clouds all scattered

With a word the planets aligned

And with a single thought

The stars were all gone

Save one


RE: {Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019


She knows her entire universe is just a mere Klein Bottle

And the cooperative computer argues in the dark

While the ones futilely search for matches


RE: {Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019

Half from the beginning to the end was last night

Everything was so very, very right

You called it a fight


RE: {Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019

It's not the end

It's the middle

The worst part


RE: {Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019

Please don't hurt me again

I love you too much

For that


RE: {Poetry} - DRUMZ - 07-08-2019

It was a truly horrendous storm
One for the history books if
books are more to be made
But it is only the calm
As the winds have only settled for the moment
While the knowing pray that it will never end
until that fateful day
When they will envy the dead

RE: {Poetry} - Alian - 07-08-2019

If there were only one star you would see it if you looked up long enough

RE: {Poetry} - KOMMA - 07-08-2019

They arise on the wings of the dove,
in her eyes of love, they remember to be strong, like King Kong.

They shouted and they screamed at her,
she smiled back beaming with the smile of the sun.

The guys said don't laugh at me,
she replied, come back when you are feeling better.


RE: {Poetry} - atabrigade - 07-09-2019

With every breath
We grow closer to death.....