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RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-23-2019

Well, now....Q drop

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 07-25-2019

Frank Parlato wrote a jaw-dropping post today. If you doubt that the NXIVM thing is going away quietly, you won't have that opinion after reading Frank's post. Please read it:

You may remember that there are two doctors, Dr. Brandon Porter -- the one who did the "fright experiments" among other things, and Dr. Danielle Roberts -- the ace with the hot tipped branding iron, who are both currently being investigated by the NY Department of Health with regard to their medical licenses. Well, check THIS out (from Frank's article):

Quote:...both Roberts and Porter should hear any day now about their medical licenses, but I wouldn’t count on them being revoked. The NYS Department of Health was ‘infiltrated’ years ago by Nxivm, when Antonio Novello mandated that all aspiring DOH bureaucrats take Nxivm courses [at taxpayer expense].  Both of these physicians should lose their licenses. But don’t count on it.

They should at least be exposed. So that intelligent people can be careful about using their professional services. Why, if Dr. Roberts could, she would likely be branding your daughter tomorrow.

There is more at the Frank Report link above. Read it.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 07-25-2019

Brought this vid over from @curious1's thread (Amazing Polly) which you may wish to check out. A great find!

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-25-2019

So, let's call this post 'The Wonderful World of Disney Disconnect' - I've just read 2 articles about 'missing children' on Disney cruises. There's a pattern here, and likely there are more incidents than these two. And, these cruises go to the 'Little St. James Island'. Interesting, huh?

Last link has a pic of Ghislane Maxwell at Disney - does she recruit for Disney or from Disney?

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-27-2019

More on cults here: the 'Hiddenite Community'. This should make your skin crawl - it seems there are more of these kinds of places than we thought (as if the ones we've found 'weren't enough'.

link here:

Click on the graphic to enlarge the FBI docs to read.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-28-2019

Amazing Polly has a new vid that connects (again) Epstein/NXIVM and explains much more using Q drops.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 07-29-2019

As summer is drawing to a close, many of us are thinking about that winter library, when we curl up with a good read while the wintry winds are blowing outside. Lucky for us, the NXIVM literary collection is growing. Here are some choice selections:

[Image: 51T%2ByPdgXyL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

This is Catherine Oxenberg's tome, relating the story of how she and her daughter were involved with NXIVM. Catherine got out fairly early, but not without a few of her own personal tales of hell. But worse still was what she went through in trying to save her daughter. I have read this book. It's good and well written.

[Image: 51Egikp8POL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

This one is by Omar Rosales, a lawyer who was formerly involved with NXIVM and who is reportedly trying to get some kind of compensation for those who were damaged by the cult. This came out just around the time that Vanguard took up residence in Brooklyn. It's basicly a collection of the things that were reported in the media at the time, sort of a NXIVM 101 primer for anyone who knows nothing about the subject.

[Image: 41uA4egHiSL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

This was just published in June, and I think the title and the cover design give you some indication of the quality. This is a one-act play, set on the Howard Stern show, in which Howie's guests are Vanguard and Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, and Clare Bear. Here's a couple of quotes from the book blurb on Amazon:

Keith Raniere is a brilliant theorist in the field of mental self-improvement
Stern is eager for them to share their sexual secrets, which they do and not reluctantly.

There is no author page for Acie Cargill, who penned this mess. but he has created 80 other works for sale on Amazon, mostly one act plays involving notable people in the news. And don't ya love Acie's name?

[Image: 51mwyi45BkL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

Coming in September is Toni Natalie's account of her time with the World's Smartest Man. She was the first of his many women, replaced as Numero Uno when Nancy Salzman appeared on the scene. She was one of the first to leave, and went through all kinds of challenges as a result.

[Image: 41s0L-DShOL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

Also in a September release is Sarah Edmonson's story of her time with NXIVM. You may remember that she was the one who showed her brand to the world, which resulted in the unravelling of NXIVM (kind of -- Nicki Clyne is still running DOS according to reports). She has shared some of her story on the CBC podcast called "Escaping NXIVM" and she has been instrumental in helping a lot of people leave. This is probably worth reading.

For those who don't read, there are plenty of tee-vee creations ready to roll during sweeps (in September) so keep a lookout for these to appear.

Seems like everyone's got a NXIVM story -- viva "Executive Success", right?  Chuckle

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-30-2019

New Frank Report info on Raniere and what might have led him to the life he lived. Maybe it will help 'define' the other sickos in some way?

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 08-01-2019

Okay -- so we all have been tricked by news from "sources" before, but this report comes from Parlato himself, who really does have good sources. So here's what Frank reports:

Source: NDNY Poised to Charge Raniere and Bronfman in November

Quote:According to a source who is highly familiar with the investigation into Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Webb Bronfman, the Northern District of NY [NDNY] is planning to indict the two leaders of Nxivm.

Raniere and Bronfman may be charged as soon as November, the source said.

Charges will include three charges that were dismissed in the Eastern District of NY [EDNY] because of jurisdiction. The crimes occurred in the NDNY.

These charges are:
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Child – [Camila] – Keith Raniere.
  • Possession Of Child Pornography – Keith Raniere [He possessed nude pictures of Camila when she was 15 years old.]
  • Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

Other crimes, including immigration fraud, tax evasion, additional racketeering charges and possible sex crimes are still under investigation. Other defendants, such as Emiliano Salinas, Sara Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco are considered potential targets.

story here:

So briefly, the "source" says that the defendants from the trial in Brooklyn are going to receive their official sentences in October, and then apparently the new indictments will be issued in November, thus giving a festive kickoff to the holiday season.

I have doubted this was going to happen -- and I am still doubting but also hopeful. If this really happens, it will be a miracle of no small proportions.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 08-03-2019

just for fun ... watch this:


The gal gets it a little bit wrong -- It wasn't Tina, er, Kirsten's mom involved in NXIVM -- it was her stepmom, who is also a cousin. But hey, regular people are talking about this so let's not split hairs.