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RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 07-02-2019

There is NO one who has been more doggedly persistent in uncovering NXIVM than Frank Parlato.

Tonight, I heard an interview with him that I encourage everyone to listen to -- he outlines the difference between trying to get this criminal organzation exposed under previous adminstrations -- and how quickly things moved when Trump took office. I've been following this story and I had no idea about a lot of these things until I listened to this interview.

So here's the link ... the interview is about an hour long

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - TomBoy - 07-03-2019

[Image: DmvjWPE.png]

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-03-2019

So. Let's start with the Not For Profits. These are places I have had personal involvement with over the years, having worked with many of them. For not being a Democrat, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for many people, which apparently matches a 'soft spot in my head' somewhere. Always, I've learned to approach them with 'eyes wide open', but then get lost in the 'helping' part. I've worked for the infamous Red Cross as Health and Safety Services Director in a 'small town in IN'; these people made me sick. Background to help this along: I was voluntarily deployed for Desert Shield/Desert Storm to Davis Monthan AFB. No biggie. Medical background said 'do this!'. So, I did. I learned that this was the 'test' for things to come militarily, changing training for troops, managing Guard/Reserve deployments along with AD personnel - a 'Lessons Learned' experience.

But, my Director at the Red Cross was calling me almost daily the last couple of weeks I was gone to find out when I would be back. Annoying, to say the least. (I wanted to stay there to get away from her...) There was a 'push' on via the Red Cross to collect things to send to deployed troops, like powdered drink mixes - anyone remember that? So. When I did get back home, I made a discovery; in the back room, there was a huge box full of donated powdered drinks they had collected, but the Director refused to send, because of her 'personal beliefs' about WAR. I ratted the bitch out to some of the Board Members.

From there, I've worked a lot with both physically and mentally disabled people. My heart forever belongs to those with Downs' Syndrome, and that won't ever change. They are my favorite people. Happiest people on earth, and their happiness is infectious.

From there, 'hard times' drew me to apply for a job with an almost 'secret' organization that helped abused and battered women and their children. We all know these things happen to women. And, children are often targets, too. Staying on topic, the job I had with one such organization was an eye opener. The one 'newby' in the house was from Puerto Rico, and she had a 4 yo son with her. Claimed she was running from an abusive partner. However, that 'medical background' caused an alarm to go off, when I learned that they needed 'to rest' because they were both suffering from 'abdominal' pains - and the son had a fever, I think. Well, knowing what I knew I watched this situation closely, because the little boy was constantly crying and pulling away from his mother. Does that seem normal to you? My first thought: drug mules. I'd bet money on it. So, I asked the Director there about such a possibility (I've always been trained to 'report') and her response was: well, we can only provide a safe space for these people under the terms of our status. We can't get involved in anything outside their 'well being'. What kind of dumbass answer is THAT?

Then, there was the family of 4 there - a mother and 3 kids. ALL of them were being treated for MRSA. You bet I had those rubber gloves ON even at the desk. Mom was on a pik line; MRSA is serious business. And, how do you disinfect the 'common areas'? No one provided an acceptable answer to me. So, is it any surprise I only lasted there about 2 months before I QUIT?

NFPs always talk about funding and donations and 'those wonderful outcomes that are possible' - it's bullshit. I've never been a Democrat, but what I can say is: it's the Republicans who give their hearts to people, and the Dems take their money to 'show' how much they care. Plain and simple. I've worked where I've seen these people use their population to 'make the numbers'. Doesn't matter if a job fits their ability or personality; it's all about the money. It nearly broke me. And, I'm a tough old broad, lemme tell ya! To my way of thinking, often, the people who work for places like this are victims themselves, in a way. Our desire to 'do the right thing' is taken advantage of. But, I walked away from it all finally, knowing I'd made a difference in some lives, matching and creating little cut-out 'dream jobs' for some of these people, that didn't involve mopping fucking floors at McDonalds! That's disgraceful! Often used as a 'quick fix' to get that next pot of money rolling.

So, when I learned about this group called 'A Family Place', I was really, really curious about whether we should dig. A quick search shows plenty of web sites in several states (TX, UT, OR, VT, so far) that discuss a variety of programs for children from infancy to beyond toddlers. I don't trust any of it, knowing what I now know. It 'reads good', but smells like bad fish to me. Cults and organizations like this are almost a dime a dozen when you start searching for things, and the gut wrenching truth (as mentioned in that radio clip Frritzy dropped) is that THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Under the guise of 'helping'. The very thing that we've seen from NEXIVM has been right under our noses for decades. We've missed it because we no longer felt like people were not being helped, because, oh there it is, right there - look! These people are helping others! No. They're spending targeted tax dollars and hefty donations to fool you into thinking this is true.

Ok. I'm ranting here, and not my initial intention. Just wanted to point out that ALL NFPs should probably be examined under a powerful microscope, and the money available to assist people in opening an NFP should be closely questioned. This is the real culprit - the ease and availability to create/fund an NFP for almost any reason. All it takes is a good grant writer. And, that's it. And, grant writing isn't that difficult. All you need to know is how to speak 'government begging for a good cause', using their convoluted word salad, and there you go! Yer in business now! Maybe we need to discuss this with our legislators (not the Dems...they hold First Prize in How To Get Rich Off Other People's Woes).

I'll put some links to A Family Place in so we can all have a 'dig' on it.

Cults are everywhere, and at this point, I'm not sure that 'cult' is the right word to describe what's really going on. But for now, it works.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - TomBoy - 07-03-2019

NXIVM Related SGTreport, starts about 2 minutes, 15 seconds:

I'm Sure CNN is All Over THIS Story w/ Their 'STATE OF HATE' Special Report

Sean reads an article by Martin Geddes, found here:

NXIVM, The First Domino Falls

[Image: VKLssl9.png]

[Image: UTXnwZR.png]

[Image: yjtryJo.png]

[Image: 9DRCRaX.png]

[Image: ZoB8JoQ.png]

[Image: BdsfxCb.png]

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-03-2019

First link:

First, please read about one of the individuals working for this group. Things that caught my eye: She earned a degree in 1950 - . (Ok. I was born in 1950, and I'm 69 yo this month. This bag must be over a 100 years old!)

Scoot around this site to 'Services'/drop down/Trauma Resiliency Project

Then, to Partners, and check out logos. Just a start.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-03-2019

2nd link:

This group seems to be supporting 'homelessness'. Interesting. Wonder how many illegals they are supporting? Provides a long list of Board Members, worth digging. This is in MN, btw. If so interested in 'helping' people, why don't they have an outreach in CA? LOTS OF HOMELESS CA RESIDENTS THERE...

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Ishtahota - 07-03-2019


RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-03-2019

A couple more links:

Because this one is 'an emergency shelter' not a lot of info is shown. No list of Board members, either.

This link came up with the Family search:

Lists Board members, and supporters; Ford Foundation is one. Crappy web page, seems to be missing a lot of relevant info.

Another Family place in TX:,27.htm

Really makes you think twice, re: border situation and where many of the 'immigrants' may be going....just sayin'. And, this is a Fagbook page...couldn't find list of supporters here, but it's been in existence since 1978.

I know that domestic abuse is a big thing, but these places seem to be found all over the place. I just cannot imagine that much need, that many abused people...have I been living under a rock, or what? Read about the numbers here.

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Firefly - 07-03-2019

(07-03-2019, 09:19 AM)Ishtahota Wrote: related?

Probably. You beat me to it! Was just gonna post about this. Soooo much bigger than we know...

RE: NXIVM Updates*GUILTY*PG#68 - Fritzy Ritz - 07-03-2019

Thank you, @Firefly , for sharing your information.

More people need to be aware of these snares and the most difficult thing is that the very people who need help are the ones most likely to be harmed by this. I have always said that desperate and impoverished people provide the biggest profit centers around the world. These organizations pretend to gently extend a helping hand and then yank their prey into a dungeon of nightmarish hell.

The domestic abuse thing is a great racket. I have a lot of stories to tell about this, but I will just share one. I had a friend who was a male nurse, and he got a job helping to counsel men who were perpetrators of domestic abuse. Like you, he really wanted to help these men, to heal them and do what he could to protect more women from being harmed. He was paid well for his position, and it was his job to conduct group therapy sessions for the abusers who were there mostly as part of a court order. After a short time, he began to realize that the way he was expected to conduct these sessions did nothing to help these men see a different path -- instead, they were basicly exchanging tips with one another to add to their abusive arsenal of tricks. When he reported this to those in charge, he was told not to make waves.

In the same area, there was a shelter/counseling center for abuse victims. Women who thought there was perhaps a chance that they could heal their marriages often asked for referrals for marriage counselors. They were told that this center only concentrated on women and not men. Seriously. They said there was no reason to help the men. When women said that perhaps an intervention from a respected organization might actually put things in motion to help heal the situation, the standard response to these women was "If they won't listen to you, why would they listen to us?"

This was apparently a statewide policy. A news reporter at a Syracuse newspaper was havng marital problems and going to counseling at a center whose specialty was domestic abuse. She asked about getting counseling for her and her spouse, and she got the answer described above. Long story short, the man came into her office and shot her dead. The newspaper did an extensive expose on how these organizations work. To the best of my knowledge, nothing changed.

Anyone noticing a pattern in NY state....