Banned Users List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Resident Wonk Pathological liar. Perpetual shit stirrer. Baseless attacks on users not even involved in her drama quest. Angry Red Man 03-22-2017 N/A
jess Outrageous and libellous allegations of inappropriate behaviour of members and staff. Munchaab 05-14-2017 N/A
Domains Threats against the forum and ban evasion. Fuck off piss boy. Angry Red Man 01-02-2018 N/A
Mark long Dohmains T-Dub 08-23-2018 N/A
5.0% Multiple personalities... domains ~mc~ 03-15-2018 N/A
beans .. ChillBro 03-19-2018 N/A
The Ex Don't bother coming back. Ban evasion. Angry Red Man 05-10-2018 N/A
Fossiliferous Banned Per Own Request - You will be missed... Munchaab 04-18-2018 N/A
Mighty Warrior Total Prick - but utterly useless... Seek another place to troll... Munchaab 04-09-2018 N/A
johnhart469 No passport needed. Have a good trip. T-Dub 07-09-2018 N/A
KillTheCarnage Ban Evasion T-Dub 05-16-2018 N/A
TruthBTold Spam Frigg 10-19-2018 N/A
dzzs spam Mmmkay_Ultra 10-20-2018 N/A
delicategem SPAM Mmmkay_Ultra 10-20-2018 N/A
Dire_effects Second verse same as the first. You don't get to bully the members. Frigg 10-13-2018 11-03-2018
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